Birthday in Edinburgh

Why don’t we have a birthWEEK of celebrations instead of a birthDAY, the Mr. said last week!

And so, we took the last train departing from Aberdeen to Edinburgh on Friday night and headed to the Scottish capital for a week of birthday celebrations…

It’s been five days now that we are here and with five more days to go, I am utterly excited to wake up every day, plan ahead and explore new and old corners of the city.

Kilimanjaro Coffee, 104 Nicolson St, Edinburgh EH8 9EJ

And somewhere in between listening to ‘Strawberry Fields Forever’ and daydreaming of backpacking around Australia, I somehow turn 33!

Time flies I said last year just when I blew my birthday cake candles. Turning 32 was weird…all of a sudden I was a step closer to being in the middle of my fourth decade of life, which, there I said it, I absolutely dread it! Because then it means I am a step closer to being 40, which my teenage self would definitely describe as ‘old’ but, weirdly enough, 40 doesn’t seem ‘old’ at all these days!

And so the project vlogging each month of 2019 began! If you follow me on YouTube then you already know what I mean, but if you don’t it’s basically a monthly project I self-imposed to myself in an attempt to document the biggest moments of each month and upon watching them at the end of 2019, have a gentle reminder that ‘time flies‘ is an excessive, non-substantial statement that I tell to myself without much thought. A very unfair and untrue statement if you ask me now, nine months into my little YouTube project!

Back to my birthweek of celebrations – we have followed a very loose schedule so far. My boyfriend’s family owns a gorgeous Victorian apartment near The Meadows which we are ever grateful to use every time we are in the city. Spoiled by choice, our mornings are spent between dog walking around Arthur’s Seat or city walking on Regent Terrace where we mostly (day)dream of buying one of the multi-million worth houses… Dreams are for free, right?

On the morning of my birthday, we woke up by a hungry Cruzy jumping up and down the bed demanding his morning walk and breakfast. Deep inside, I know he knew it was my birthday and he just wanted to surprise me and let the day begin!

We gathered in the living room with all the doggies around the sofa, and then the door opened and they brought me a chocolate cake and sang ‘Happy Birthday’ altogether. Even though I was suspicious when they went to the kitchen and left me alone with the doggies for a second, I was delighted of their thoughtful suggestion. A great start to a special day!

We then headed to Kilimanjaro Coffee on Nicolson Street for some breakfast before going down to the shops of Princess Street for some window shopping and dress trying on.

Cruzy was excited as ever when we walked through the crowds, sniffing and greeting all at the same time. It was a glorious, sunny day and I couldn’t have possibly asked for more than a blue sky and endless sunshine, it really felt like a Greek summer!

For dinner, we booked a table at Lasal Restaurant, a Spanish tapas restaurant that was suggested by our friends.

Lasal, 22 Union Place, EH1 3NQ

We ordered a few too many tapas, enjoyed the Spanish wine and headed for a few more drinks in New Town.

Rabble Taphouse and Grill, 55A Frederick St, EH2 1LH

We then went at Rabble for some frozen Pina Coladas where, unfortunately, we were told they don’t do them anymore, so we had a few quick sips before ending up at our favourite Monteiths!

Monteiths, 61 High St, EH1 1SR

One thing we really made a point of doing while in Edinburgh, and more so during the day of my birthday, is to visit some of the bars and restaurants we visited during our first dates. Seeing as the Mr. is from Edinburgh, it has always been a pleasure exploring the city together and seeing things through his eyes rather than my tourist’s eyes. Monteiths is one of the places we visited in one of our very first dates and I remember loving the traditional meets modern interiors, great cocktails and service, and I am always happy to pay them a visit and relive our first date when in Edinburgh which we very gladly did at the end of my birthday night.

And that’s how my birthday went down. So cheers, to another year of being healthy, happy and alive on this planet. Onto the next Chapter!



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  • Jennifer
    September 24, 2019

    Looks like a great birthday!

    Effortlessly Sophisticated

  • Steff
    October 2, 2019

    Edinburgh really does have some lovely pubs! Sounds like you had a great birthday, I promise 40 is not SO bad, anyway it’s miles away for you! 😉 Love the red blouse, I love embroidered anything – it’s so Scandi chic and dare I say it puts me in the mind of Christmas dressing! xx

    • Anastasia
      November 13, 2019

      I am sure being 40 is not bad at all, the closer I get to it the more I appreciate life and all the experiences I get to live!x