Blogger’s staged life VS. reality

Blogger’s staged life VS. reality

It’s been two days since I watched Essena Oneil’s video about the staged life of bloggers and what is the reality behind all these glorious Instagram pictures with the hundreds of likes we see everyday.

If you are a blogger reading this, then you know what I mean since we all stage our pictures to project a life we don’t live just for the sake of promoting brands. As a blogger who has monthly collaborations with high street British companies, I tend to stage my posts in a way that serves the brands I represent. I pick the background for my pictures, make my hair and make-up and sometimes even order something pretty (see macaroon), as it looks good in a picture.

In real life though things are different. I am not wearing makeup or wearing fancy clothes and certainly don’t eat on expensive restaurants during my lunch breaks. When I am in the office I am dressed casually, when in the field I am wearing my boots and I am having soil stamps all over my clothing and my lunch breaks look like this.

So I did a mini social experiment these days, posting real life pictures on my Instagram, from my lunch break, to the time I leave the office and the time I wake up next day and it appears to be very successful as I gained followers, people commented on my pictures saying how keen they are on this project and that they would like to see a bit more of my life.

So, here it goes nothing….a day in my life in pictures-the stay at home version as I took the day off (the office) to work (from home) at my current project.

I woke up very late, around 9.30 am, and had a cup of tea with a caramel donut while listening to this, which I was actually dreaming of (the song not the donut).
Since I knew I would be at home all day long I wore something pretty to motivate me to work and not be in my pyjamas…

I started working on my Excel spreadsheets (not pictured for obvious reasons-confidentiality), and then I did my Asda shopping around midday. Since I am leaving for a week in Edinburgh tomorrow I got the absolutely essentials. Some cookies for tea, oats, fruits and nuts for breakfast.
(Edit: Forgot to say I met one of my readers in the supermarket; a lovely lady named Elise who was shopping with her two year old daughter Ann. She saw me taking a picture of my shopping basket and asked me if I was “Anastasia the blogger”, how sweet! We had a short chat about my blog and life in Aberdeen and said she recognized in one of my Instagram pictures my neighboorhood so she knew we would meet up at some point down the street. Elise, if you are reading this, thanks for saying hi and for all your kind words about me. Glad to hear that someone else than my family reads this blog and hope to see you sometime soon around the neighboorhood).
Here’s a Ferrero Rocher the size of my head, didn’t know good stuff like this existed…got a bit too excited in the middle of the shopping lane.
It was very foggy and our backyard had a lovely carpet of golden leaves, despite the fact that I cleaned it last week-autumn’s gifts!
I had lunch a bit late around 4.00 pm in the afternoon, trout fillets and a salad. It was very healthy and delicious and enjoyed the fact that I had sometime to take care of myself and cook/feed me something decent.
I then proceeded into more studying and also had some wee manicure time-the joys of working from home!
By 6 pm I realised that being all day home is boring and was extremely happy that one of my flatmates came back, so we had some tea together in the kitchen and I snacked on some jaffa cakes.

Somehow, I managed to finish my Excel work and decided to pack for tomorrow. Steven and I are off in Edinburgh, so I was contemplating how to pack clothes the most efficient way and plot my outfits for the week.

…and here it’s me right now, tired and with a massive headache trying to relax before bed.

I am a strong believer that there is beauty in simplicity and my life is as simple as it gets; no dramas, no fascinating things, just living and enjoying every moment. I hope you enjoyed my -rather boring- day and please let me know if you need more posts like these. A day with me in the office will follow soon….

Anastasia x


Anastasia is a Greek in Scotland via England! She’s passionate about life in Aberdeen, exploring new places and petting dogs. When not working she runs Natbee’s and enjoys countryside walks with her puppy Cruz.

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