Boats, white houses and a dash of pink

Where I am pretending to be the mermaid of our boat…

I’ll tell you one thing I gathered from my life on a boat so far, there is nothing better than sitting on the pulpit upon arriving at an island. At the beginning I was a bit hesitant because I thought I’d lose my balance and fall in the sea or that I would make the captain think I am about to jump in the water intentionally… where clearly both occasions would alert the entire crew and stress our captain.

I was obviously wrong as not only I didn’t fall in the sea but the captain encouraged me I stay there and watch the sunset-best spot he said-wise man he is I say!

And so I claimed my spot for the day…and the rest of the trip, because what is better than pretending to be the mermaid of a boat while crossing the sea?

The view from here is indeed the best I could ever get. Part of me feels that I am in the sea and part of me feels that I am on a boat, that’s how magic this seat is!

As it was freaking hot I was wearing my pink FatFace camisole and guys I have to give kudos to the people from this brand; they definitely know their things. When they say this camisole was made to keep you cool under the sunshine, they totally mean it. I have been wearing it during hikes and intense sunglight dates on the beach and never felt more comfortable. Take that from the mouth of a Greek girl.

^^ beautiful Patmos, full of colourful houses and pretty flowers ^^

Now if you excuse me I’ll just stay here for the rest of the day.
Happy Monday!

Anastasia x


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