A little date to The Bon Vivant, Edinburgh

The Bon Vivant restaurant Thistle street Edinburgh review

Right now there is a lingering urge to demolish a chocolate tart or pretty much anything that contains chocolate, let that be a cake, tart, pastry, you name it. Of course there are many reasons to blame this urge to, starting from a failed experiment this week (bad things in science happens I simply have to accept this), to looking back to our pictures from this impromptu date at The Bon Vivant restaurant in Thistle street, Edinburgh.


Bites at The Bon Vivant restaurant Edinburgh

I love visiting Edinburgh for the sake of wandering through the streets and discovering new, wonderful places to dine and have a nice glass of wine. And for all that matters, The Bon Vivant ticks everything on my list of good restaurants: great interiors, delicious food, good location and fantastic wine. {Minus the expensive prices but one gets what pays for, right?}


Steven quite often takes the lead and orders the wine from the list, and while he does that I have a look at the menu and most importantly the dessert selection (of course). On this occasion the menu was simple-which made our life easier and the decision making quicker-and we went for a selection of nibbles to share (pan fried seabass with pickles vegetables, smoked salmon on oatcake, and serrano & manchego croquette with tomato and chilli jam), the soup of the day for me (parsnip with truffle oil), and duck breast with red cabbage, pomegranate and sherry for Steven.

The bites came first and when the menu says bites, they really mean bites! We tried to share as much as possible but they were tiny-tiny so sharing wasn’t done successfully it was more like ‘you can have this and I’ll have that’. They were extremely delicious though and tantalized our palette, anticipating for the mains that were to follow….





The mains were as delicious as the nibbles and even though the soup didn’t seem enough when served on the table, in reality it was more than plenty to satisfy my hunger and make me feel warm and better after a day of intense shopping around the city.


The Bon Vivant Thistle street Edinburgh restaurant

Trying to bring out the camera to document this date was a bit of a challenge considering that I had only the 45 mm lens with me (translates into super close up pictures), so I hope these moments rather than full screen shots will give you an idea of how it felt having this little date at The Bon Vivant.


The Bon Vivant restaurant Thistle street Edinburgh review

We finished our little date with a mouth-watering (that makes me have cravings even as I am typing this) pecan and banana caramel tart that was served with cinnamon ice-cream! The tart was very rich in taste and the ice-cream was light with a subtle cinnamon aroma. Delicious and served in a beautiful dish.

And that’s all finished. We drunk the last of our wine and headed back into the city.

Here’s a toast to hoping there will be more impromptu dates in 2017. I wish you all a lovely weekend.

Anastasia x




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