Brunch at Badger & Co

Channeling our inner Carrie Bradshaw characters, on a sunny Saturday morning Jules and I went for a fabulous brunch at Badger & Co in Edinburgh. None of us had ever visited before (even though we had heard about it many times), and we were amazed by how stunning the interior is!

It’s wonderful how blogging has introduced me to so many like-minded people who ended up being my friends and Jules is certainly one of those. We understand each other on many levels and love talking about the blogging world and life in Scotland. It’s always nice to be reminded that internet can be used for many good reasons one of them being the start of new friendships.

Women who support other women is definitely one of the reasons I keep blogging!

Scottish travel blogger

*excuse my dark circles under the eyes, that’s one of the many PhD wonders!


Badger and Co is a cute cafe/restaurant with an interior that feels as if it was designed based on a fairytale story. The walls are adorned with badger frames and paintings, there is a yellow sign with the ‘Badger & Co’ sign in the centre of the room and the sofas are stylish with a vintage twist.


Located on Castle Street-you can have a view of the castle once you sit outside- this is the place to meet friends, enjoy something from the brunch or lunch menu and chat away! Once we found a table by the window, we sat down and placed our order. Scrambled eggs with salmon for Jules and avocado on toast for me.

Brunch at Badger & Co Edinburgh

Brunch at Badger & Co Edinburgh

Brunch at Badger & Co Edinburgh

My avocado came on a warm slice of sourdough bread and Jules scrambles eggs were topped with the finest and most delicious slices of smoked salmon. Simple but delicious!

We chatted about our travels so far, the countries I’d love to visit and the countries that Jules has visited, this girl has been everywhere! We would stop every now and then for a mini bite and a sip of coffee until we’d jump into the next topic, and before we even realised it, it was time to take our separate ways and head back to our flats.

Brunch at Badger & Co Edinburgh

If you have never visited Badger & Co, I strongly recommend it. See Jules smile? That’s says it all!



Anastasia x


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  • Lottie
    June 21, 2017

    The food looks delicious and you both look so happy.
    Yah! for women united!!!

  • Simi
    June 21, 2017

    The scrambled eggs look amazing, also I love what Jules is wearing!


  • Aline Bertier
    June 21, 2017

    Hi Anastasia, I have never been to Glasgow but all your Edinburgh posts make me want to visit asap! It looks like an amazing city.


  • Immy May
    June 25, 2017

    Such a fun, loving and beautiful post!
    I love your lifestyle oriented posts 🙂
    Immy xx