Chasing cats & life in numbers

The past week has been busy, stressful, sociable and with the most wonderful ending I could have ever imagined! On Monday I realised I still haven’t received my passport from the Consulate in London so I had to ask one of my friends to post it to me. Then on Tuesday I got hit by a car while cycling on my way to a meeting at work. On Wednesday I hosted a lovely, garden tea party, on Thursday I attended a fabulous blogger’s event at @Hamishmunro Aberdeen (more on it later), on Friday I went hill walking with Cruz and today morning I gave a talk on ‘the magic of soils’ at the University’s Doors Open day.

Phew, what a week it has been! Here’s what else has been going on, in numbers:

1 :: press trip I cancelled for this month. I got invited to F Zeen Kefalonia but I decided to cancel it and spend time with my family instead.

2 :: press trip invitations landed in my inbox yesterday – still too excited to believe it!

3 :: days left till I am reunited with my sister and family. I cannot wait for some sunshine, good food and family moments 🙂

4 :: the number of papers I’ve studied this week.

5 :: days until it’s my birthday!!!

6 :: am, the time Cruz wakes us up every single morning.

7 :: pounds, I spent today at Starbucks for two coffees and a muffin.

8 :: times, I listened to ‘Trouble’ album by Ray Lamontagne.

9 :: pm, bedtime time on a Friday night (am I getting old?).

10 :: +++ the times Cruz chased this cat while we were hill walking around Bennachie.

Now, tell me, how was your week?


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