Christmas Edinburgh Streets

Christmas Edinburgh streets are joyful, busy and colourful. They are inviting, smell of freshly grounded coffee and make you feel like you are in a Winter Wonderland!

After having a busy day yesterday, today we decided to take it easy and be spontaneous…

..and by spontaneous I mean wear a Russian faux fur hat and pour a cup of herbal tea in front of the fireplace before heading out in the fairy lighted streets.

A couple mince pies and an outfit change later, we made our way towards Dean Village. Possibly one of the most Instagrammable areas of Edinburgh.

Past Stockbridge, we followed the water of Leith and made it to the village all while admiring the waters and beautiful nature. It really feels like you are somewhere far deep in the countryside despite being in the city centre.

If you wish to avoid the crowds and have some quiet time exploring around the pretty alleys and mews of Dean Village then come early morning on Sunday. The locals are still sleeping (or recovering from their night out) and the tourists are more likely to explore Calton Hill than be here.

We climbed up Dean Bridge to admire the views of the city – rows of stone build Georgian townhouses as far as the eye can see!

Then down to Lennox Street for some wreath spotting and house dreaming.

This house with the pink door was by far the prettiest one. They had a huge real Christmas tree in front of their bay living room window and Rudolph in their garden, it was so pretty I kind of wish I had taken more pictures but I got too shy to take my camera out of the bag and shoot everything when I saw the owners getting out of the house!

Edinburgh houses are so nicely decorated it made me feel sad we don’t get to see houses as such in Aberdeen. I promised to decorate my house – the one I am hoping to buy one day soon -with Christmas decorations every single year, given that we are indeed going to buy one, one day soon and not just dream about it!

Thirsty and famished – the cold definitely makes you hungrier by the hour – we went for some Swedish pastries and a takeaway coffee before heading back towards the Old Town to the Royal Mile and St Giles.

On our way, we found THE door, that famous all year round decorated door that I’ve been seeing on everyone’s Instagram for the past year but never managed to take a picture myself.

And of course, I couldn’t not take one last picture of the Christmas Market.

..or the iconic Whiski Rooms and The Balmoral..

Edinburgh, you’ve been a blast. Thank you for having us, we will indeed be back soon, very soon!



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