I love heading to home for Christmas. Greece is where my family is and Volos city is where we have been celebrating Christmas for the past four years, so me not being there with them this year was once again tough.

Christmas in Scotland

I love the Christmas smells in the house, from orange peels slowly roasting on the radiator to cinnamon Christmas cookies in the oven, there is always something to bring back childhood memories and the feeling of familiarity when I am at home.

Christmas in Scotland

I do get a little jealous when people fill the car with presents and drive home, I have to fill my luggage to a standard weight and take 2-3 flights to make it to home and don’t even get me started at the ticket prices.

Christmas in Scotland

With so much blog work to do though and a PhD graduation on its way, I decided to spend my Christmas in Scotland.  It made me feel a little less festive if I am honest, although I still did bake the cinnamon cookies and was grateful for the people surrounding me 🙂

Christmas in Scotland

I wrapped all of my Christmas gifts late night on Christmas Eve and laid my Christmas jumper on the bed to wear it first thing the next morning. Cruzy woke me up by licking my face, demanding his morning walk and a bit of attention.



I got Michael Buble’s ‘Chestnuts roasting on an open fire’ song blasting through the speakers, got my Sorel boots on and headed to the kitchen to make some coffee before heading out of the door with an impatient Jack Russell following me around!



The rest of the day was spent, unwrapping Christmas gifts, drinking a cup of tea after another, eating more cinnamon cookies than I should and hugging Cruzy while watching Christmas movies (Elf included, DUH!).

Christmas in Scotland

For starter we tried the delicious terrine smoked salmon and classic smoked salmon from Inverawe Smoke House – they were both divine! The terrine was so smooth and tasty, oh my, an absolute delight. It went down so well with a glass of white wine and it was the perfect start for what was about to follow!

Smoked salmon terrine from Inverawe Smokehouses

For main I had a vegetarian sausage, some phylo pastry cheese nests from M&S and all the vegetable sides. It was very tasty but I didn’t take any picture because it wasn’t as beautiful as the turkey dishes on the table.


For dessert we had the vanilla panna cotta, a family recipe that is mouth-watering and never misses our Christmas table!

Jack Russell and Rottweiler

The night ended with a bit of mulled wine and a few game boards while the dogs were sitting in front of the fire. And it couldn’t get any better!

Jack Russell and Rottweiler


How was your Christmas day this year?

Anastasia x


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  • Marianne
    January 5, 2018

    Cruzy looks so happy! He must be a terrible party animal though with all this yawning! Hehe xx

  • Sophia
    January 5, 2018

    Oh my hahaha, your pup looks so cute! These Xmas celebrations must have exhausted him though!
    Happy 2018 Anastasia, I hope its a great year for you 🙂