I get so excited at this time of the year. My idea of Christmas is spending time with my family and friends around the fireplace, drinking mulled wine, listening to songs and unwrapping gifts….and let’s be honest, is there anything better than the joy and delight on someone’s face when being gifted something special? Christmas shopping in Aberdeen is a serious task and I am not one to disappoint!

With this in mind I drove down to Union Square for some last minute shopping and coffee time with my best friend.

If you know my mum there’s one thing she loves more than shoes and that’s mugs. So what a better place to start my Christmas shopping than Cath Kidston. I could spent my days here, the cuteness of their mug collection is unreal!

This floral print has always been one of my favourites, not very Christmas-y, but perfect for all year around! I got this calendar for my office and some mugs for mum.

Since our arrival, Union Square was buzzing with happy shoppers. Smiley facing, enjoying their Christmas shopping adventure in Aberdeen! After going around a few stores we decided to have a break for some chocolate delights at the Krispy Kreme corner and some much needed coffee at Starbucks. Good thing about Union Square is that you can drive in with your car, meet some friends, pop in for some coffee and then keep up with the shopping marathon without feeling rushed.

We got a small Christmas hamper with the limited edition of chocolate donuts, they tasted as good as they look!

With happy bellies we continued our shopping and popped in Fat Face, one of my all time favourite clothing brands, not only because they have the warmest jackets ever but also because I have exclusive collaborations with them and I love supporting companies who believe in me and my work.

We got some lounge pants and lip balms which I am going to post about tomorrow first thing in the morning, so keep an eye.

Next, onto Fossil! If there is one thing I’ve noticed on so many of my girlfriend’s and sister’s wishlists, that’s a good leather bag and Fossil does that excellently. From crossbody handbags to jewellery & watches, we got lost in the beauty of Fossil’s products. Santa if you hear me, this would do! Please and thank you.

Another great store to go handbag-hunting (did I just make a word there?) is House of Fraser. I have been working with this company since last year and I am so proud to be their little Scottish ambassador.

I had my eyes on this Lauren Ralph Lauren tote bag since last Christmas, it comes in different colours and for under £200 I think it’s a bargain!

Last on our list was the Swatch store, believe it or not I have five Swatch watches but still I could pick up the entire store if I could, no exaggeration. Did someone say watch obsession?

These guys know about good quality watches and the staff was really accommodating. I was looking for something elegant with a thin strip, not colourful and in a reasonable price and here’s what they got me…Snow machine perfection!

It was hard not to get another one as every inch of this store is filled with lovely things and honestly if I could I would get a second one. If you are ever in the store and need some help ask for Kyle, he is chatty, eager to help and not pushy at all-could also be your best friend 🙂

With our hands full of bags we headed to the newly opened Byron Burgers on the first floor-couldn’t be any more excited about this-and there we met ChantelChristy and Brad.

I knew that Byron hamburgers are the best thing since my days down to London so having the luxury to get some taste while being in Aberdeen was such a joy!

There’s something so good about Byron hamburgers, their philosophy is simple; they do one thing and they do it properly. They may not have too many restaurants around the UK but their mission remains the same, to keep serving proper hamburgers the way they should be!
We go the classic chicken and the Byron burger and they were so tasty I am salivating while writing this. The sides were delicious too, the sweet potato fries are mouth-watering, dive them into the blue cheese dip and it will be a combination made in heaven!

Speaking of heavenly combinations….do not dare to leave the restaurant without having tried the Oreo milkshake, it is simply too good not to have it! Smooth and full of flavour makes the perfect starter or side or how ever and whenever you fancy it, just try it!

We also got a few more desserts just to get some extra taste of the great menu. I got the Caramel & Honeycomb Sundae and Chantel got the Chocolate Brownie. The Sundae had a delectable ice cream- best quality ever and the brownie was very rich in taste, that put me into the difficult position of not knowing which to award as best.
If you are thinking of trying the Byron burgers please pop in the store half an hour earlier as there are long waiting queues at the moment so do pop in a bit earlier to make sure you get a table…but even if you have to wait, it’s totally worth it.

Hope you enjoyed my rather long Christmas shopping Aberdeen post and I hope you have all sorted your Christmas gifts by now, if not Union Square is your next best guess 🙂

x Anastasia


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