Cooking // Vegan Thai dessert with sago and coconut milk

Thailandese dessert
I am lucky enough to have a lovely Thailandese flatmate, who is always eager to try new recipes and experiment in the kitchen.One of these sunny evenings she made this mouth watering vegan dessert that got me from the first taste. It is very easy to do and delicious to eat, so worth giving it a go!

Thailandese dessert

For this recipe you will need (serving 10 people):
100 gr sago/300 ml water
100 gr red beans
100 gr brown sugar
coconut milk

Thailandese dessert

Place the red beans in a bowl with water and leave overnight. 
The next day boil the beans and add the sugar until it gets united (it must look like it is a syrup). 
In the meantime, boil sago but be careful to constantly stir with a spoon to avoid sticking together in the bottom of the pan. After 15 minutes of cooking remove from the heat place the lid on the pan and leave the sago in the side for 10 minutes (heat will help sago to absorb more moisture and get softer).
Sago is fully cooked if you do not see any white parts. 
Strain and wash under running water to remove any excess starch and poor in small bowls.

Thailandese dessert

Add 2-3 tablespoons of the red beans syrup on each bowl and a little bit of coconut milk and serve the dessert cold.
Thailandese dessert
Let me know if you have ever tasted a similar dessert. I must admit that I would have never imagined to use red beans in a dessert recipe, but apparently they taste amazingly!



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