Copenhagen is an amazing city!
Amazing, but expensive too. I do not claim to be an expert but after a long weekend I collected a few tips on how to do a weekend in Copenhagen on a budget.

1. Getting there: There are cheap flights from Edinburgh with Easy Jet and Ryanair that can get you in Copenhagen and back for less than  £100! Knowing that someone’s “great deal” might be another’s monthly salary, even when flying with budget airlines, I strongly advice you to book tickets in advance-three weeks at least.

2. Eating there: Copenhagen restaurants are very expensive, paying £30 for a meal per person is very common, add to this the drinks and a starter or dessert and bill sums up to at least £45 per person. Avoid eating at restaurants and eat at local shops or even better (weather permitting) have outdoor picnics. There are vegetables and delicious, fresh salads sold in every supermarket so eating on a budget might be better for your health 😉

3. Staying there: There are loads of cheap hotels and hostels in Copenhagen with the cheapest price being £60 per night if you book in advance and for more than a 2-nights stay. We loved our stay at the AC Bella Sky, it was clean, in a convenient location and the breakfast was an absolute delight, filling and healthy. Prices start at around £100 per night and I would certainly go back.

4. Shopping, entertainment etc.  While we were in Copenhagen we noticed that most of the museums are for free, however the ones worth visiting have an entrance fee (something in between £10-£15). By buying the Copenhagen card though you save money on attraction entrance fees and public transportation so worth paying the price instead. An adult 24h card costs £38 which is a fair amount of money considering that you will spend at least £10 on train and bus tickets to move around.

5. Cycling is the best way of transportation. Speaking of public transportation tickets, cycling around Copenhagen is the best and cheapest way. There are bike stations pretty much everwhere and if you need to get a bike just for half an hour it is for free! Sadly when we visited it was rainy so we did not have a chance, however, on a sunny day I can see why people would choose a bike over a bus!

So these are my suggestions and tips to do Copenhagen on a budget.
Have you ever been to Copenhagen?
Do you have anything else to recommend?

Anastasia x 


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