Cosying up the nest :: autumn home decoration

Cosying up the nest :: autumn home decoration

It is so nice lately to wake up in a crispy morning, feel the sunlight through the window while working in the office and then get back home just as when it starts getting darker. However, with the days getting shorter and the temperatures steadily dropping down, it’s time to start cosying up our nests with scented candles, knitted blankets and books on every available surface. Or at least that’s what I did in our nest to get us in the autumnal mood, and I’m loving it!

And whistl talking about scented candles, can we please take a moment to talk about this Cerise candle; it smells of cherry and almond in a delicate and pleasing way that makes our living room lavish wonderful smells, and comes in a lovely rose gold glass and an even more beautiful box set. It is currently resting on our wooden table and I cannot wait for Steven to come back home, as it means watching the next episode of the Suits series, eating popcorn with tea and of course lighting the candle!

Aside from this pretty candle, some other things that took over our flat are yarn balls for knitting- I am doing a lovely scarf which I cannot wait to finish, just on time for the colder days- pine cones, wooden candle holders and burgundy candles. Also, this white, mini beauty, the new Christie digital radio that is decorating our fire place and has filled the house with radio sounds. It also doubles as an alarm-if you find it difficult to get out of bed in the morning, trust me there is nothing better than waking up with the top 10 UK radio playlist, rather than the alarm! And this radio just has it all. At first I thought because of its size, it will not be loud enough to hear it up until the kitchen, but I was totally wrong, it’s sound is clear and loud as a bell!

In case you are low in budget then a lovely and cheaper than chips idea is to fill an old coffee jar with pine cones, conkers and small tree branches. It makes a lovely central piece for your living room, I created ours two days ago and it reminds us of the afternoon forest walk we took to collect all of these nature’s gifts, a wee memorabilia!

In addition to cosying up the nest, I have also added a few things in my jewelry case, starting with these rose gold heart earrings from Miss Dee a British company established by two Swedish sisters in Manchester. I also got the necklace and bracelet from the same collection in a lovely goodie bag given to me at a blogger’s event at HamishMunro shop. But what has really stolen my heart is this watch, so stylish and elegant, it upgrades any look instantly. And did I mention that it is designed in Dundee, Scotland?

In the kitchen, I’ve added some more herbs for the cold nights that I feel like cooking a soup, and bought new jars to store muesli, porridge, grains and pasta. Also, a new enamel mug from North Polar Bear, I think I have an addiction with enamel mugs lately and my collection is slowly growing more and more everyday 🙂 They are great for picnics and walks by the river, as there is no chance of them to break due a puppy running towards you! Oh, and I got some new books with recipes, life lessons to learn and grandpa’s advice. I feel that I am fully ready for winter now, bring it on November.

Mr. Cruz likes it too!


Cerise candle,
you can now buy your Shearer candles from two shops in Glasgow
at Princes Square and Byres Road!

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