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The past few years I have moved into more than four houses and it hasn’t been fun for the most of it. I have caught myself many times wondering when will I finally settle down and get a place that I will call home not feeling the need to move again after the end of another contract. Even in the darkest moments though, there is a positive side and this-in my case-is called decorating as each time I move in a new place, it leaves me thinking only one thing: my Pinterest boardsfor the bedroom and working desk area.

Ask me what is my recipe and its easy; white walls, wooden floors, colourful cushions and flowers! Add some wall frames and a few pots -if you have the space- and there you have it, a lovely room to spend your time feeling happy and being inspired to do things!
So today I made a list of all my favourite things from The French Bedroom Company, in case someone of you is moving into a new place and needs some inspiration 🙂
Anyone willing to buy the King bee cushion for me? It would look great in my bedroom 🙂


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