There’s no doubting the fact that having a lovely dinner at the end of a busy day is one of the greatest joys of life! It’s the meal that comes to the rescue after a hard day at work, and that something you look forward to when you are in the middle of a meeting and you hear your stomach rumbling.

It’s also an excuse for family to come closer and catch up on everything, from simple things like the next travel adventure, to major stuff about work. Lingering over dinner tables, drinking wine and savouring the flavours is by far one of my favourite things! And if Thai food is involved I am guilty to encounter to such dinners more often than usual…

Steven’s family and I were invited to dine at Chaophraya, Aberdeen and taste all the great Thai dishes we did not have the chance to try last time we were there. But as it is the way with these things, we ordered a bit more than it was necessary, because the temptation not to taste almost everything on the menu was huge!

And so we overdid it a bit! Steven and his dad got the steamed dumplings (like father like son) and they both agreed that this is the best Thai starter they have ever tasted in their entire life. Big statement, but I trust their judgement!

Steven’s mum went for the vegetable tempura as she was craving something light and it was exactly what she was looking for. The batter of the vegetables was light and well aerated, I tried one of the fried courgettes, dipped into the avocado sauce and it was delicious. Perfect start to our dinner!

We washed down everything with bottles of white wine and Steven got the Taste of Thailand cocktail, which he tried in the past and loved ever since!

Second round came a tray full of mouth-watering dishes. It was all about curries and stir fries; we went for the Thai green chicken curry, the Thai red prawn curry, and then the King prawns with ginger and sapphire stir fry along with the chicken with cashew nuts.

Sharing is caring, so we shared a bit of everything. I got a piece of Steven’s green chicken curry, that was a bit spicy for my palette, but I am not famous for my tolerance to spicy dishes so don’t take my word for it. It was delicious and the chicken pieces were tender and juicy. Our dishes came with a side of steamed jasmine rice, served in a cute pot, that was all we needed to savour the sauces of each dish.

The general consensus of the table was that the red prawn curry was the best dish of the night. The king prawns were of a decent size, the sauce was marvelous (and I am not ashamed to admit that I wish there was a bit of bread to dip into it), and the flavours were in great balance! Definitely something I will be trying next time we visit.

Next to the good stuff…

Was it the chocolate bombe or the sticky toffee pudding? Or maybe the coconut mango panna cotta and the white chocolate box? We were all torn between the same options so we went for the panna cotta and white chocolate box. I promise, hand on heart the white chocolate box is something everyone visitng Chaophraya should try, as a matter of fact you should visit Chaophraya if it is just to try this! That’s how good it is.

We stayed up until it was time for the restaurant to close its doors-we were chatting away and enjoying each others company so much that time flew without us realising it!

I cannot recommend Chaophraya Aberdeen enough, we have visited several times in the one in Glasgow and Edinburgh, but I dare to say that the Aberdeen restaurant is my favourite one!

Have you ever visited Chaophraya? Do you like Thai food?

Anastasia x

*our meal was complimentary in exchange for a review on the blog but all opinions expressed are mine. Thanks for reading!


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