DIY // Distressed jeans

DIY // Distressed jeans
Since I read this tutorial about the ACNE Pop Trash Jeans, I couldnt see the time to find the perfect pair of babies (aka jeans) and start experimenting myself. When I saw them, I knew that they were perfect for that tutorial, so I bought them quickly and before realising it, I was back home, holding a pair of scissors and a sharp knife on hand.
After wearing them yesterday I realised that it wouldnt hurt anyone to rip them a bit more, especially in the knees and around the pockets, so if you are going to follow this tutorial just slash them up a bit more!

Your tools: 
-a pair of fabric scissors
-a sharp knife


What to do:
-slash up some bits and parts with the knife and scissors anywhere you like
-distress them by scratching the surface of the torn parts with the ending of your knife
-wash them in the washing machine and wait patiently for the end product

The result:
ripped jeans
Let me know if you are gonna try it. Also I would love to listen to your ideas!

On a completely different note, I would like to thank everybody who have nominated me at the Company Style Bloggers Awards 2013. I have received my invitation and will be heading in the event at the end of May. Thank you all from the bottom of my heart. Your support keeps me going, a big hug for you all!!!
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