DIY // French braid fringe tutorial

You’ll need:

  • comb, hairspray, bobby pins and a hairtie

How to:

  •  Divide your hair into two parts; get half of your hair forward and let the other half back.
  •  Have your front hair to the side and start creating a braid.
  •  Everytime you create a cross of a braid get some new hair in, in order to build a french style braid.
  • Have it as loose as possible. Try not to break the braid.
  • Follow the pattern until you reach the part just above your ear and secure the braid with a bobby pin.
  • Apply spray and you are ready!
  • Dont forget the messier it is, the better it looks.
You can do different styles such as a side messy bun, a pony tail or finish it with another simple braid.
Hope you like.


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