Drinking // Peach smoothies

Fresh fruit beverages have always been my favourite summer drinks. 

First time I had a smoothie was when I was a kid and my mom blended a banana with yoghurt and orange juice. The taste was so refreshing that made smoothie instantly my favourite alternative to concentrated juices. So trying to recover from the heat wave, some days ago I tried this smoothie recipe, as suggested by my mother. Give it a go, the result will put a smile on your face!

For this recipe you will need (serving 6 people):
4 peaches
2 bananas
2 glasses of orange juice 
ice cubes
Cut the bananas and the peaches into slices and place them in the blender with the orange juice. You can also try it with milk instead of orange juice, but I prefered the juice for this time. Add some ice cubes or crushed ice and you are done.


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