Glamping is a new form of countryside appreciation for me! You get to enjoy nature whilst having your home comforts and get the best of both worlds. Now, picture your self-catering glamping tent situated on the bank of the loch of the 12th century-old Dundas Estate, and you will get a glimpse of how Glamping at Dundas Castle a few weeks ago felt!

Lush, glorious and relaxing are just a few words that pop in my head while going through the pictures of this trip and in all honesty I am looking forward to our next glamping adventure now!

Getting back to nature without sacrificing any comforts…

How cute is this bathroom? Total sauna and Swedish living vibes…

We arrived in the midst of a rainstorm, thick heavy raindrops fall on the trees and our tent producing the most calming sound ever. With not many options left we started making the Heron tent our very own home for the weekend – cashmere socks on, tea on the fire and puzzles out. Setting the fire on instantly lit the tent and made it made the atmosphere even more cozy and idyllic.

Cups of Earl Grey tea after another we warmed up a bit and all of the sudden felt the need to explore the site. I got my raincoat on and set off for the woods…

…only to return back to the tent five minutes later as the rain was pouring down heavily and even poor Cruz turned around running back to our little cozy shelter. We spent the majority of that evening indoors playing domino and solving crosswords until our stomachs started rumbling which was a reminder that we should cook something before going to bed. Luckily for us, the rain calmed down and so we found the perfect excuse to set things up the deck and start cooking.

I did my best to take a few pictures (not just for Instagram!) and capture the feeling of that first night at Heron but the light was very low so I quickly realised there would be no pictures of that night, I hope you will excuse me 🙂

Next day we had one of these glorious mornings that come after a stormy night, the atmosphere was bright, clean and the air was fresh. I sat at the deck with a cup of tea while my boyfriend turned the gas barbeque on and started cooking breakfast for both of us. My kind of mornings!

While waiting for the food to be cooked I nibbled on these protein powder energy bites that I made before leaving Aberdeen, they are so tasty they should be illegal! Here’s the recipe in case you want to recreate them (hint totally do, you’ll LOVE them!).

After eating our breakfast, we packed some vegetarian burgers and off we went for a tour inside Dundas Castle!

At this point, I should say that life has its funny ways and reminds me every now and a while of the funny world we live in, and this day was one of these days. See, each year, I do some gratis work with the local charities and while doing so I meet some wonderful people along the way, one of them being the lovely Imogen who I met three years ago when she was studying Events Management at Robert Gordons University and is now the Events & Weddings Manager of Dundas Castle.

I was so pleasantly surprised when she called me that morning to say that she was delighted to know we were in Dundas Castle and that she’d love to give us the tour of the property. Knowing that the castle is an exclusive-use venue, closed to the public and used only to host weddings and events, we both jumped on the opportunity! I mean, how many times in someone’s life, one will get the chance to go up a private castle’s tower? We made our way as soon as possible knowing that there was a wedding taking place on the property on the same evening so we had to be discreet and quick.

Not wanting to disrupt the castle life and business flow, I didn’t take many pictures of the property – the owners still live in the property so I tried to respect their privacy and not take my time touring around taking pictures of every single detail as I’d normally do, BUT I did take my camera with me and shoot a little vlog while Imogen gave us the history of the place so keep an eye on my YouTube channel for it. I am hoping to edit and post it by the end of next week and give you a glorious glimpse into the life of Dundas castle which makes me so excited to see once again!

After having a good look around the ground and first floor where the living room and communal areas that guests and the Dundas castle family use, we took the steps to where the wedding ceremonies take place…

A room full of history, decorated with unique pieces reminding its history presented itself in front of us making me think how lucky the wedded couples are to have their scared ceremony taking place in here!

And as is that wasn’t enough of a treat, Imogen took us to the rooftop where we climbed on the highest spot of the castle and enjoyed the most magnificent views of Queensferry and the bridges!

Like a card postal, the view opened and unrolled in front of our eyes making this moment the most momerable of our visit to Dundas Castle!

Looking back at these pictures, despite the rain and thunderstorms, I truly loved this Glamping adventure. Having our own self-catered tent and bathroom while enjoying the grounds and countryside of this historic Castle made it all too special and a reason to celebrate living in Scotland and being able to enjoy places as such.

If you would like to book yourself a Glamping experience, I cannot recommend Glampingly enough. We booked everything through their website and found navigating through the website’s ‘location’ and ‘accommodation’ tabs easy like breathing before booking our Glamping adventure in Scotland. And if you are looking for something special but you are not quite sure where to go, here is some inspiration for your next Glamping adventure.

Let me know if you book any adventure soon and happy Glamping if you do!



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  • Jennifer
    August 28, 2019

    These pictures are magical. I would love to go glamping.

    Effortlessly Sophisticated

    • Anastasia
      September 6, 2019

      Glamping in Scotland is such an experience! You must book yourself something soon 🙂 x

  • Aileen
    August 28, 2019

    I have been wanting to book something for my daughter for her Christmas rather than just giving her more stuff. She loves camping (she is in the Beavers) and is desperate for us to go camping as a family. I may just have found what I am going to give her for Christmas and its a great compromise because we are in a tent but I get a shower and a bed!! Quick question, if it hadn’t stopped raining would you have been able to eat or would you have had to venture out to a pub or something??

    • Anastasia
      September 6, 2019

      Hi Aileen, that’s such a wonderful gift! Like yourself and daughter, I am all about experiences than tangible gifts and I think a glamping experience sounds like the best gift ever! To answer your question, unfortunately, you cannot cook inside so had it not been for the end of the rain we would have to run to the pub indeed. Queensferry is literally a 5′ drive so not everything lost 🙂

      Let me know how it goes x

  • Michelle
    September 5, 2019

    Oh wow! This looks so amazing! I’ll have to check it out next time I’m home! ?

    • Anastasia
      September 6, 2019

      Ooh you will absolutely love it!!!x

  • Mira
    September 24, 2019

    Glamping has been on my list for a while and now that I have seen your blogpost I want to do it even more! The pictures you took are stunning and the tent looks so cosy, especially the little oven. Also, I am almost jealous of the people who got to have their wedding at the castle – this would be my ideal ceremony. xx

    • Anastasia
      November 13, 2019

      I cant hide that I was equally jealous too!x