My friend Cassandra flew from Athens to visit me and spend Hogmanay with us. We have been friends for 12 years and despite living in different countries we always make some time to visit each other. So when she finally booked her tickets to come and see me I immediately started making plans about our days spent in the Scottish capital.

Hogmanay in Edinburgh

We didn’t have much time in our hands as she could only take a few days off, so we tried to make the most of it and explore as much of the city as possible. It was Cassandra’s second time visiting Scotland – her first time being three years ago when Scotland was something new even to me, so with me being now more informed about the things we could see and fun things we could do, I did my best to give her a great taste of Edinburgh!



Holyroodhouse Edinburgh


We decided to celebrate not only Edinburgh’s Hogmanay but also all these years of friendship and so we treated the whole part of the trip as an anniversary. In case you haven’t read one of my past posts, Cassandra and I were University classmates and met the first day or our enrollment to the department. We became friends instantly, I had a horrible blonde hair colour and she had the greatest style of every girl in the class. Weirdly enough, we became friends and are very close up until today, after all these graduations and cities/countries moving around….


She flew in Edinburgh on the 28th of December. We met just outside Waverley train station (Cassandra got the bus from the airport while I got the train from Aberdeen) among the crowds of people squeezing and pushing to visit the Christmas Market. We stopped in the middle of the street squealing, hugging and crying. It always feels as if we have never been apart and that we are still first year University students. Always!




Greyfriars kirkyard Edinburgh

For the next four days we wandered through every cobble street in an attempt to see the most iconic monuments and places that make this stunning city so popular to the visitors. We started our first day with a visit to Arthur’s Seat, then paid a visit to the Queen’s Scottish house, Palace of Holyroodhouse, then onto Mimi’s Bakehouse for cupcakes and hot chocolate before ending up (where else) in my favourite Anthropologie. Very tempted to spend our salaries we left with empty hands before the sales offers turned us into a modern duo of Rebecca’s character in the ‘confessions of a shopaholic‘!


Second day was rainy so we didn’t do much other than going up Calton Hill, taking panoramic pictures of the city and then exploring the city centre including the castle, Grassmarket and Greyfriars with loads of stops in the small shops in between.


Our final days were spent walking from the Canonmills along the Leith Walk up to Dean’s Village (Cassandra LOVED this part of the city!), eating at Byron’s Burgers, visiting Stockbridge and its cute little shops, taking several pictures of our Starbucks coffee table as we had the best view we ever imagined, having girl’s night sleepovers at Hayley’s and of course watching the fireworks from the top of the North Bridge!


Cassandra and Anastasia Edinburgh Bloggers

Best view of Edinburgh castle

It was a short, very tiring, but wonderful time and the best kind of start to 2017! I am not making any sort of New Year’s resolutions because I always fail to follow them, but if I can make a wish/promise to myself that would be to keep the people who care about me as close to my heart as possible and try to make some time to see them, and this beautiful lady is certainly a keeper and on top of my list!



Here’s our non-photoshopped selfie that we got the last day of 2016, full on freckles and big smiles. Happy 2017 everyone!

Anastasia x


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