An evening at Volos port!

In my whole month living in Volos, there has not been a SINGLE day that I didn’t go down the port for a stroll!

There is something magical about evening walks by the seafront just before the sunset, don’t you think? The light is beautiful; violet, orange and yellow shades glint off the calm water making it glow, the promendade is buzzing with people’s laughs and the freshly baked croissants from the cafeterias fill the atmosphere. There’s nothing I’d rather do just now than be here, in this beautiful place!

Volos port Greece

Volos port GreeceWouldn’t you fancy having some frappe and freshly baked croissant drizzled with milk chocolate like the one above by the seaside? This is my current view as I am sitting at Pleasures Cafe.

I come here for coffee – a medium sweetened Frappe with loads of milk, my idea of iced coffee heaven! – almost everyday. Sometimes I think that they should ask me to become their mascot, since my image observing the boats and passing by people from the front tables is present pretty much everyday. Talking about customer loyalty!

Volos port Greece

Today, started in much the same way as every other day. My sister and I had breakfast in the balcony, I woke up ravenous and enjoyed the overnight oats my sister had prepared for us, served with freshly picked strawberries, Greek yogurt, honey and cinnamon. The rest of the day’s activities were divided between the two of us; she went to her University classes and I stayed at home answering blog related e-mails, posting on social media and finalising what to wear to my Graduation, before getting out to go meet her at the port.

My sister is currently studying for her third academic degree, to say how much I admire her strength and courage to do all this while working full time is needless. Despite her busy schedule though, we always manage to go on a walk at the seafront, mainly because the University is located down the port. To study next to the sea and listen to the sound of the waves, some people are truly lucky!

She led me through a 3-mile walk today, all by the sea, watching the boats bringing tourists from the islands – loads of Brits and Danish people in case you care to know – I haven’t been on such a long walk for almost a week!

The weather was 23 degrees warm and dry and the sky was a pretty glorious one! It turned out though that it wasn’t just us who had the same idea as soon after we started the walk, flocks of tourists and locals started walking up and down the port, towards the same direction with us.

My sister talked me through not leaving the house without wearing a jacket, and despite the warm weather she was so right! After the sunset, there is a slight chill in the air from the sea breeze and I felt so grateful to have this jacket in my bag! The whole outfit of course, could not be complete without my sweet friend Cassandra’s necklace that she brought as a gift while staying with us last weekend. Talking of which, I so regret I didn’t carry my camera around to capture every moment. I always have so much fun with Cassandra and this weekend was a great one!

I know I said it so many times before but I really cannot tell you how beautifu Volos city and the port is in reality. Images do not do justice – I partially blame this to my camera that cannot balance low light scenery. If you ever happen to visit Volos please let me know and I can give you some reccomendations. I heard that EasyJet has direct flights from London Gatwick for the summer and I am very tempted to book myself a trip in August!

Have you ever heard of Volos port before?

Anastasia x



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  • Steff
    May 10, 2018

    Sounds so lovely and relaxing, how lucky people are to live there! I like your earth tones for the cooler evening too, I admit I am drawn to more oceanside colours when near the sea but it’s a nice contrast/looks elegant with the natural tone of your bag 🙂 Hope you enjoy many more iced coffees and croissants!

    • Anastasia
      June 10, 2018

      My sentiments exactly! I love the warm, colour of the Med sunshine!We should visit Greece one day together xx

  • Shloka
    May 10, 2018

    I love your Instagram updates since you went to Greece; as soon as you mentioned that you had a new blog post here I rushed to see the pictures. Volos looks so beautiful, I havd never heard of this place before until I saw your pictures. Even though I am not planning a trip anytime soon, perhaps you could write a Travel Guide post for us please?


    • Anastasia
      June 10, 2018

      Hi Shloka, Of course! Most definitely I will be writing a guide one of these days so please keep your eyes open for it! x

  • Marianne
    May 10, 2018

    I have never heard of Volos before either and I am so glad to discover this beautiful city through your blog posts. The port looks like a great place to walk during the evening. Like Shloka mentioned, perhaps a travel guide would be useful to many of us, or even better a vlog? I hope you are enjoying your free time after your studies x

    • Anastasia
      June 10, 2018

      Hi Marianne!
      I will definitely be writing a travel guide one of these days! Volos is a gorgeous city and everyone needs to know about it! x