Events // The first VegFest in Scotland

As a vegetarian (OK, once per month pescetarian but close enough, no?), I love veggies and anything that includes carbs.
To give you an idea, I could live on sushi and pasta all day long and I promise no complains there 🙂

Scrolling through my phone I found these pictures of random dinners and lunches and no suprise here, my words about carbs and veggies are being confirmed. I tend to have salads for lunch and soups/roasted peppers/sushi/pasta for dinner (Steven finishes everything with a huge steak but that’s another story).

To my dissapointment all food related events in Scotland so far were about meat, remember the Lamb Street Food I attened last year? Well, I did not have a single taste of the lamb and asked my friends to have a taste of everything and let me know how it was in order to blog about it.
Being a vegetarian is, thankfully, being accepted and no weird comments or side eyes are in the air anymore, however I would so much love to go to a VegFest for once…and my prays were heard as this year the first ever VegFest will be held in Glasgow!
So Scottish friends behold the 5th of December to taste some delicious dishes, meat-free this time 😉
I will be there so feel free to come and say hello, cant wait to meet you all!

the veggie lover


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