Everyday things I miss

The list of the everyday things I miss right now is a long one. I often find myself thinking of the pre-covid days when I could pop in Makrinitsa for lunch with the most stunning views of Pelion, meet friends down the seafront and have morning croissants at the beach cafeterias. Who would have imagined that life would be so much different just now!

Christmas table for two, Christmas table decorations

Here are three things I miss right now:

My family and friends. Ever since I moved back to Greece, I’ve seen my parents only three times and I’m yet to see my sister, making it almost two years since the last time I saw her. What’s even more frustrating is that we, now, all live in the same country and not at the opposite sides of Europe, yet we still see each other as frequently as when I was living abroad…

My freedom. I am sure I am not the only one missing my freedom but doing however I wish as often as I wish is really what I crave right now; long walks down the port of Volos, morning dates with friends accompanied by frappe and chocolate croissants, walks in the countryside, lingering over tsipoura and seafood, you know, all these nice little things that make life so much better.

Travelling. I miss everything revolving around travelling: exploring new places, tasting different flavours, chatting with the locals, seeing new places, staying in hotels, going on weekend adventures, gathering with friends, even packing for the trip is something I’d gladly do for the sake of travelling right now.

Speaking of packing, anyone remember this? Oh, the good old days of vlogging…

What are the everyday things you miss the most just now?


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