Everything in between Christmas preparations

We got the pleasure to experience some snow the other day-such a fun way to start the Christmas week! Currently I am a busy bee spending my time in between flat viewings and catching up with deadlines for my latest project. The highlight of my days was Saturday’s pre-Christmas dinner with the family. So much food, so much wine and did I mention that the party was over at 5.00 am? Needless to say I am still recovering…

As it is cold at the moment I prefer to be wrapped in nightwear than be in jeans. Recently Fat Face got in touch with me asking me if I would like to try their latest sleepwear range and how could I possibly say no? Fat Face has been one of my favourite British brands since forever and there is no chance I will be shopping in the Mall and not find myself checking their latest collection.
With Christmas being just a breath away and sleepovers taking place at friend’s houses it couldn’t have been a better time for me to get some new lounge pants. Since we are in Scotland and tartan is everywhere around I picked-you guessed it right-a pair of checked pants that are incredibly soft and cosy. Sadly I couldn’t get any pictures because the weather has been miserable and I couldnt picture myself taking pictures outside with lounge pants on, but will try my best this weekend.

I also got a pair of super soft Shauna Sheepskin Moccasins that they are-oh my so snugly and warm!
In all honesty they remind me of some slippers my mum bought for me when I was a young child and they were my favourite. I remember I refused to through them away after their days were long gone because I loved them so much and mum eventually got rid of them one day while I was at school. I was pretty happy to see them in my mailbox the other day and all the great memories I had came back in my mind.

Thank you Fat Face for the excellent gifts, I will for sure wear them for years 🙂

x Anastasia


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