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Is it just me or beating the January blues seems a bit of a task this year? With the current socio-economic news all over the media, I feel the need of escaping to a nice, ideally sunny and warm, destination and forget everything else. Images of Morocco, Thailand and Greece being displayed all over the accounts of travel bloggers on Instagram torture me as I don’t have the time to explore anywhere outside Aberdeen at the moment.


If only there was a way for someone to read my brain and tell me exactly where I need to travel to reduce my stress levels without much fuss and spending time on reading resort leaflets to make a decision!

Behold my friends because I might have found the way!


Explore the moment

To the untrained eye, this is just a picture of seals wandering, snoozing and playing in the beach, right?


In reality, this is part of the images displayed to you while having the travel experts reading your brain electro-signalling through a kit attached around your head-think like headphones. Data delivered through the programme provide the answer as to which is the ideal travel destination for you to go! Not only you go on a free holiday, but you also save time from filling applications and planning activities, so you might as well go book your tickets straight away!

Travel to explore Aberdeen blogger


Curious to test it myself (as proven by my insta-stories), I popped in Gyles shopping centre on Monday evening and gave it a go. The Explore the Moment team explained to me how the science behind the programme works and within a few seconds I found myself comfortably sitting in a half egg chair (the kind of I’m-hiding-chair that blocks out the rest of the world) with the kit attached around my head and off I went!


They showed me a mini video of less than one minute that contained images of different countries, holiday activities and landscapes, and it couldn’t feel any more real than this! I walked through Thailand and Sri Lanka with elephants, I did trekking up in the mountains, I swam in the Seychelles, I saw tortoises swimming in the crystal blue waters and I even walked through the streets of India! With the perfect sound and the half egg chair it really felt that I was there in these moments doing all these fun stuff!


Explore the adventure travel experts


As soon as my adventure was over the travel expert team explained to me the data and suggested me booking my next holidays to Vietnam, as in response to the Vietnam images my brain went over excited and my stress levels dropped down instantly! Thinking of it Vietnam has been on my bucketlist for ages and with a  £ 100 off all Vietnam holidays my palm gets itchy to book my tickets and do it!


At the moment, the Explore the Moment team is somewhere in Reading, so if you fancy a free holiday then pop in the Oracle shopping centre and treat yourself! Also if you would like to see more exciting travel news then check their destinations, offers and tailormade activites here.


Thank you Explore team for this mini adventure!


*this post has been sponsored by Explore the Moment but all opinions expressed are mine. Thank you for supporting the brands that support Natbee’s


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