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Today I thought, let’s do a break from the AXWD posts, and do something different like a product review!

A month ago, I was contacted by the fabulous guys over at Pineapple and they generously offered to send me some products for review. At first I thought that it was a joke, I mean Pineapple Dance Studios is very famous worldwide for their elite dancers and teaching techniques, so I couldnt believe it!

Next thing I did was to ask my sister about her opinion and by her amazed reaction I got that I was right about my initial surprise. She got her serious face and asked me “Are you 100% positive that you are talking about the same Pineapple I am thinking? The one I am dreaming of getting involved one day as a student?” See, my sister has that dream of me paying her fees to go in London one day and study Latin and Salsa dancing, not that she is not already a fabulous dancer or that I can afford to pay her fees, but just saying!
Anyway back to the review, I got my goodies within 2 days and they were generous enough to send me three pieces of clothing; a yellow hoodiea slogan fit tee and a pair of crop pants. To my mind reviewing them, was not just taking pictures of the products and writing a few lines about them but to actually wear them and test the theory Pineapple’s casual wear is designed for movement, to make you feel good and look good at the same time, as they claim in their online store. So, I worn them while I attended my Zumba classes one day and to be even more certain I let my sister wear them the next day while she was teaching in her salsa class (sounds like a real crach test, right?)
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First thing first, when I opened the package I was mesmerised by the cool logo across the front of the tee, designed by white and pink calligraphic letters, that motivated me even more to find an excuse to wear them, right now!
The cropped pants have elasticated waist and cuffs that makes them very suitable for dancing. You dont want the endings of your pants to be loose and move while you are dancing, trust me there is not a much more annoying thing than that!
Also they have a drawcord so you can adjust them according to your waist line.
Last but not least, the classic yellow hoodie, that is my favourite! It is very soft and has a vibrant, playful colour, that makes me happy anytime I wear it. But apart from fashion the most important thing is that it copped with both mine and my sister’s fitness routine (cardio, stretching and dancing), so double thumb’s up!
Needless to say I have checked their online store at least twice after receiving this package, dreaming on my next order, that will possibly be the Stretch dancing bag, perfect for me to carry the gym essentials around. Head on over their Facebook page for more news and offers.
Until the next time Pineapple, until the next time!


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