Fitness // Kayla Itsines week 3 and being on a sugar-free diet

Let’s start by saying being a vegetarian and on a sugar-free diet is not the easiest thing in the world.

By sugar-free I mean consciously avoiding sugary products (e.g chocolate, biscuits, cookies and other delicious nasty things) and in general eating food as less processed as possible. Not adding honey to my tea either since honey contains equal amounts of glucose and fructose as sugar.

Paying a visit to the grocery store and you can see that pretty much 80% of the products around us have added sugar from bread to yogurts and tomato soups, sadly sugar is something you can’t escape in daily life.  I didn’t go crazy on checking the product labels because then I will be left with no choices but I am hoping one day to reach this level of disciplinary.

So what do I eat then? 
Anything that comes from the field, vegetables (no sweet corn or green peas-too many starches), fruits (mostly oranges and clementines), eggs, grains, fats (nuts and olive oil), anything that I feel is produced by nature and has not been impacted by human intervention. My dinner varies from a stir fry to a salad and my snacks are mostly fruits and nuts.

How do I feel?
My feelings so far are mixed, I am on the third day of the diet and I am hoping to last for a week, so still time to go. I do feel that my energy levels are down and I am constantly hungry or as I described it this morning to my sister”constantly seeking for something to satisfy my taste buds”. I do not know if the low energy levels though should be attributed to the sugar deprivation or the fact that I am going through a stressful period at work. In either case I would love to have some sugary cereals in the morning or a chocolate bar in the evening but I am holding onto this experiment, hoping that something miraculous will happen and I will suddenly become the most energetic person on planet Earth.

Onto the Kayla Itsines workouts, I have been on and off since I first got the programme almost two years ago, I think this proves largely that a) it requires commitment and dedication and b) it is not as easy as it sounds if you are working. The programme is scheduled for someone who has at least two hours free per day to dedicate to this, from the minute you start the workout up until the moment you get out of the shower and for someone like me who works close to ten hours per day this is unreal. Regardless, I managed to get up until week 3 and I love what a difference it has had to my body. I am not quite sure how far I can take it but I am proud if I keep going on this level.

I will report back on the sugar-free diet results and give an example of my diet one day in case you want to follow.

Stay tuned!

Anastasia x



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