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Kayla Itsines workout review
So, this is my first fitness post and I know I should be showing you a picture of me sweating in the gym (instead of my latest Instagram pictures) but hey ho my new camera has just arrived so bear with me, because these fitness posts will be a weekly thing from now and on.
As some of you may know I have been doing the Kayla Itsines bikini workouts for a while, and I say for a while because it is a love-hate relationship. I have stopped and re-started the workout programme at least three times so far, not because I didn’t have the time (well sometimes also because I didn’t have the time), but mainly because I am lacking mental strength to keep doing it.
My boyfriend, who is a big fit guy, keeps telling me that mind controls body and that my body wouldn’t stop at the third set of lunges unless my mind would say so. I strongly doubt his claiming though, because during the third circuit of lunges my legs were so weak that I lost my balance and fall on the floor (please don’t laugh picturing me!)


In case you are not familiar with the whole Kayla Itsines workout conception, it is a 12 weeks intense workout programme that targets legs, arms, abs and butt, namely the whole body. Each workout, has two different circuits and you have to complete each within 7 minutes and then repeat, so 28 minutes in total.
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*chocolate pie in a guilt free day during my weekend in Edinburgh


Reality is if you are strong enough-as Steven- then you can keep doing each circuit for 10 minutes and you WILL be able to walk next day! Sadly though I do not have his body or mental strength so after 3 minutes my body shutters down and it refuses to do it (at that time it feels more like a torture than something you should enjoy). It is that moment that you have to push yourself and go a bit further and keep doing it up until the 7 minute set alarm rings, Kayla and Steven both say and I am doing my best to work on it….


Currently I am in my third week of the programme and I find it OK to do once each circuit, but when it comes to repetition my legs feel like jelly-o 🙁 Nevertheless I do my best and on top of this I also go to the gym to keep up with the cardio exercise I used to do.
I was debating for a long time whether I should write a post as such here, but I want to stick with it and be honest with you regarding my results, and hopefully inspire some of you with my story.
So who’s with me?


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