This week has been so hectic, long hours in the day job and then working as a blogger promoting local events and festivals up until late, all I can say is that I’m knackered….

…and then today it was the tip of the iceberg when I collapsed because I was so busy so I forgot to drink water and eat good food, so here I am now lying in bed struggling to even type this sentence.
While cycling back home-with whatever power and energy I had left in my body-I made a promise to myself; let this month be the time I take REAL care of myself.

Let’s this be the time….

I drink 2 litres of water per day
I eat regularly and only nutritional food
I have me as my priority instead of my day job
I keep up with my fitness routine, even though I cycle an hour per day to and from the office
I have my body as my temple

Now, who’s with me?
Let’s all stick together and comment on our progress under my weekly update posts, the more the merrier!




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