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When I was asked what I want for Christmas this year I said without a second’s hesitation, a Fitbit wristband!
Santa Claus though decided to bring me something bigger-in the form of a Carrera bike-so I was left with the appetite & curiosity of how Fitbit works and what would my performance be. Not long though since Debenhams kindly sent me this plum Fitbit only a few days later.
My first thought when opening the package was that the wristband colour is lovely and it can be worn all the time, not just as a gym gadget. Since I have received it I have been wearing it non-stop and only get it out of my wrist to charge it. Speaking of which the battery life is unbelievably long, it takes up to 7 days until it needs to be charged, way better than my iPhone!
So whats this Fitbit thing?

It is an advanced tracking wristband that gives you a continuous heart rate and tracks your activity 24/7, including your sleep patterns. You can get an idea of how many steps you climbed or walked per day, how many calories you have burned and of course use it as a watch. Since I have received it I am amazed to see how many calories the human body can consume in a relaxed or active state and how my heart beat changes through the day. The wristband should be connected and registered with your smartphone and then via the Fitbit app you can get more information like how many calories you have consumed, at which point during your day you had the higher activity, heart beat etc.

I love how more competetive it has turned me in the gym, I always want to surpass  my previous milestone and I have noticed that I am more motivated to go to the gym despite the cold outside. The joy when it vibrates after I reached a new goal!

What is my most favourite setting though is the sleeping patterns comparison.  
Do you ever feel restless even though you slept for eight hours? That’s my everyday story. However, I found a valid explanation.

According to my Fitbit I might think I have slept for 8 hours but in reality my sleep has been interrupted at least for a total of thirty minutes during the night-it even shows me when exactly I wore up (or wasn’t sleeping at a deep state) and for how long! At least now I have an excuse to refuse to leave my bed in the morning. Best thing? You do not have to inform Fitbit when you go to bed or wake up in the morning, it automatically gets the information based on your heart rate and activity. oh, and did I mention it wakes you up with a vibrating alarm? Like seriously no one else around you has to wake up from now and on 🙂

I would definitely reccommend it to anyone who wants to get a fit-bit extra motivation to go to the gym and also to anyone who wants to monitor his/her body. It is amazing how many things happen during our day and we just ignore them or un-notice them. Like that the other day I walked more than 20000 steps while when I am sitting in the office for 12 hours I barely reach 3000.
Fitbit has certainly made me a bit more aware of my body demands and needs.

Thank you Santa, eh I mean Debenhams.

Anastasia x



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