Food // Roasted aubergines with feta cheese

Aubergines and feta cheese with tomato sauce is like a dream team. This is my favourite easy-to-cook food, since it is done in an hour and the taste is water-mouthing delicious.

For this recipe you will need (2 servings):
100gr feta cheese
3 medium size aubergines
100gr green olives
3 tomatoes
1 onion
olive oil
black pepper
leaves of basil
leaves of parsley
Wash the aubergines, cut the tops off and cut into slices. Place them into a bowl full with water and salt and let them for 30′. Wash the tomatoes and grate them. Chop the onion and the olives into small pieces.
Stir the onion pieces into a pan with olive oil and then slowly add the tomatoes and olives. Let them blend in a thick sauce for 10′. Finally add some salt, black pepper, oregano and the leaves of parsley and basil.
Roast the sliced aubergines for 8′ in the grill and then pour a teaspoon of the sauce on each of them. Add pieces of feta cheese or grated cheese on the top and roast until the cheese is melted.
Serve the slices of aubergine on roasted bread.


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