Found it for the dapper dresser-Men’s Christmas gift guide

It has been ages since the last time I posted a men’s gift guide on the blog and apparently it has been one of the most popular so far, telling me that I should do these kind of posts more frequently!
Tis the season to be jolly and the season to get Christmas gifts for your beloved ones, and there’s nothing more stressful (and time consuming) than shopping for men. This year I have to get gifts for five different men and I spent my weekend searching online, yet I still haven’t managed to get one single box delivered in my door.
Questions like “will he like it”, “will it fit nicely on him”, “is this the right size”,  were constantly in my mind until I came across the new Men’s Clothing and Accessories collection at Debenhams. Safe to say, problem solved!
There’s nothing better than receiving and giving a gift that will bring a genuine smile into the recipient’s face. I hate it when I gift something that I thought-at the time I bought it-that it is the best thing ever and then it turns out to be not that great…
But let’s be honest, a good quality gift will always be appreciated, so keep an eye for elegant lines and classic textures and be sure that your gift will be highly appreciated.

1. Ben Sherman // Oxford shirt
2. J by Jasper // Silver cufflinks
3. RJR Rocha // Brown waistcoat
4. RJR John Rocha // Brown leather bag
5. Hammond & Co. by Patrick Grant // Trousers
6.  Hammond & Co. by Patrick Grant // Bow Tie
7. Hammond & Co. by Patrick Grant // Brown belt 
8. Hammond & Co. by Patrick Grant // Leather brogues

This gift guide is for the dapper dresser, the man who knows what he likes and likes to be smartly dressed for the occasion, well if your guy sounds like him then there you go-you can thank me later.

1. RJR John Rocha // Weekend bag
2. Levi’s 510 // Skinny jeans
3. RJR. John Rocha // Shawl neck blue jumper
4. Jeff Banks // Black leather boots

Through my years of shopping and male friendships expanding I realised that the well groomed men are keen on fit and skinny lines, so an Oxford shirt and a pair of skinny jeans or trousers is a good opportunity for him to show his style and fit body-most drapper dressers are fit, no?
If he is-however-more into sport activities and weekend escapes then worth investing into a more casual look and get him a jumper that will keep him warm and a stylish bag to pack his stuff. I think grey and blue are the colours that all men like to wear so don’t overthink about it.

Some questions to ask yourself before buying gifts for men:

-What’s his style, how does he like to get dressed?
-How does he spent his weekends?
-What activities does he enjoy doing? Worth buying some sports gear?
-Is he taking care of his skin? Invest on beauty products maybe?
-Does he appreciate a good glass of wine/whisky/alcohol of his choice?
-Would you describe him as a gentleman or a gym freak?

If you are quite unsure then certainly go for some clothing. The success is guaranteed!
I hope this has helped you and please let me know what you have bought this year your beloved ones. So far I have this silk tie and jumper in my wishlist.
How about you?




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