Freddo cappuccino at home

Years ago, around the time that freddo cappuccino was starting to become a big thing in Greece, I was working as a barista at a local cafe.

Even though it was only a job that paid the Uni bills, I found pleasure to learn how to make coffee from a simple cappuccino to a freddo cappuccino and a frappuccino – I was fascinated to see the cold cappuccinos trend unfold and become a thing.

These days freddo cappuccino is the most common coffee in Greece. Long gone the days that people were queuing for a frappe (similar to Dalgona coffee) and I am pretty happy about it. Not only this is a more refined coffee version but it is also tastier and dare I say healthier since it is not made out of instant coffee beans.

freddo cappuccino at home
Homemade Freddo Cappuccino!

Since I can’t go to Greece I am bringing Greece to me by cooking as much Greek food as possible and doing freddo cappuccino at home. It makes me feel closer to home and brings the feeling of summer in the house.

In case you feel the same, here is how to make freddo cappuccino at home::
You will need – a shot of espresso, milk of your choice (I used almond), ice cubes.


  • Pour the espresso in a shaker for 30 seconds and add it in a glass with 3-4 ice cubes. If you want to add any sugar, this is the time to do it.
  • To make the milk cream / frothy milk, pour some cold milk in a shaker or food blender (does the same job) and blend it for a minute.
  • Transfer the espresso and ice cubes to a tall glass and add the cold cream on top.
  • You can add some cinnamon or chocolate powder on top but I like mine simple.
freddo cappuccino at home

Et voila, your very own homemade freddo cappuccino.

P.S: Accompany it with these easy pineapple muffins for the ultimate mid-afternoon snack. You can thank me later!


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