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Happy Friday friends!

Have a cuppa and a slice of cake, sit back and enjoy another instalment of The Friday Edit! This week has been all about meeting friends and drinking LOADS of hot chocolate. So far, I have been to Almondine twice for their famous hot chocolate that totally makes you feel like you have stepped in Paris, and twice at the Long Dog Cafe with Cruzy. Other than this here is what else sums up my week:


ONE // Receiving my examiners’ PhD thesis minor corrections. Before stepping into the examination room I was convinced that I will get this with major corrections, mainly because none of my supervisors read the thesis in-depth prior to submission. Not being a native speaker and not having the supervision I would have liked at the end of my PhD, filled me with a billion doubts about my abilities. I really do not know how I managed to stay so confident until the end so to receive minor corrections was such a relieving surprise! The corrections are very minor, to the point that I feel it will take me no more than an hour to have everything done and I am so excited that after this the PhD will be done once and forever! Such a weird feeling to have it done following the increasing tension and stress of all these years…


TWO // Carly’s closed Facebook group! If you are into fashion and preppy style then this is the place to be. It is a closed group but I am sure if you apply Carly will accept you and then you will be part of this group of people from all around the world. I love receiving notifications from American girls looking for travel suggestions to Europe and vice versa!


THREE // Speaking of which, I am planning a big trip to the USA in June! This will be my first time in the USA so I am so excited!
So far the plan roughly goes: Edinburgh- NY (4 nights) – Boston (2 nights) – Chicago (2 nights) – San Francisco (4 nights) – Los Angeles (5 nights) – Las Vegas (2 nights). As I have never travelled to such a big continent before I have no clue what I am doing so if you have any suggestions at all please let me know! Would you include other cities close to the ones I have mentioned (e.g. Philadelphia when I am visiting NY etc.)? Would you follow a different itinerary? And most importantly do you have any reasonably priced hotel/ air bnb suggestions to make please? Thank you in advance!


FOUR // Going to Greece in 3 weeks time! With the end of my PhD commitments I thought it was about time to travel back home to my family and spent some quality time with my sister. I am so looking forward to eating croissants and drinking frappe at the beach with my sister talking about all things life without the stress of having to study something which is an excitingly overwhelming thought in itself! I am also thinking of having a wee getaway with her somewhere around the northern part of Greece so fingers crossed I will manage to plan everything ahead of time.


So that’s all from me now. How’s the rest of you? Any exciting weekend plans?





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  • gbizz
    March 9, 2018


    • Anastasia
      March 10, 2018

      mmmmm Bizz! 😛

  • Natalie BrandMueller
    March 10, 2018

    I am so jealous of your travels Anastasia! If you are travelling to NY Definitely go to Times Square, there’s not much to actually do there but it’s fun to see the sites and see all the energy. From there it’s easy to walk north and see Central Park which is beautiful and then go to Rockefeller Plaza. Do the Top of the Rock. It’s such a great view of the city and a great view of the Empire State Building. Also I’d recommend catching a cab and going south to SoHo. The shopping is really nice there and so are the restaurants and it’s a little less crowded than Times Square. It’s always fun to do a hop on hop off tour of the city too because you get to hear all the little fun facts about places and buildings and it’s convenient transportation too. It’s always fun to find little hole in the wall restaurants in NYC but one famous restaurant I totally recommend is Juniors in Times Square. They have amazing cheesecake and such good food, it’s usually a long wait but it’s right by broadway so it’s fun to walk around and see the theaters while you wait. Also if you catch a play right when it ends you might see a famous person leaving the theater.

    San Francisco: definitely go to the wharf! And go to Boudins and get sourdough bread. I also recommend going to Ghirardelli Square and getting ice cream. Of course you also have to see the Golden Gate Bridge. San Francisco is hard to walk because it has such steep hills so just plan for that. If you rent a car it’s fun to drive down Lombard street which is famous for how it zig zags since the Hill is so steep. I agree with everyone else that you really only need like 2 days here.

    LA: definitely embrace being a tourist in LA! It’s so fun to see the walk of stars and the Chinese Theater. Rodeo Drive is cool but definitely go to The Grove and The Original Farmers Market, it’s upscale but more affordable shopping and the farmers market is a really cool place to get lunch. I also highly recommend doing a tour of WB studios it was my favorite part of my trip when I went. And it’s always fun to do a bus tour of the stars homes, if nothing else you get a really great tour of the city and some great views. Also while you’re in LA I would add two days in Disney Land! I’d say 2-3 days of LA depending on how many tours you do and then 2 days in Disney Land.

    If you’re interested in history (especially US history) then I’d visit Philly and DC too! In philly all the historic sites are in one area so you can do the constitution center, the liberty bell, and independence hall all within about a block of each other. You have to get a Philly cheese steak at Pats or Gino’s while you’re there too. They both claim to be the original place for cheese steaks. An off the beaten path thing to do in Philly is The Magic Gardens, it’s so pretty and great for taking pictures.

    DC has the Smithsonians that are great because they’re all close by each other and they’re all free. The best ones are Natural History, Air and Space (but it gets super crowded on weekends so go on a week day), and the national museum of art. American History is a cool one too if you’re interested. And it’s always really nice to get lunch at a food truck and eat outside in the National Mall while you’re there. Old town Alexandria is really cool too if you go to DC and want to try something outside the city. There’s lots of cool shopping and amazing restaurants there (if you want specific recommendations let me know)! Also the National Harbor and MGM casino are cool in DC area too! But if you’re not much of a history buff then I think DC is skippable.

    If you want any more specific recommendations just let me know! 🙂 hope you enjoy the US

    • Anastasia
      March 10, 2018

      Thank you so much for taking the time to suggest all these things Natalie, I am definitely building the entire itinerary based on your recommendations! Thank you!

  • Nicky Alexon
    March 10, 2018

    I didn’t know you are a blogger until I clicked on your Fb profile and saw you manage ‘Natbee’s’ which brought me here and I am so glad I have found your beautiful blog!
    Re-the USA trip, you could make a great day trip. I love Vegas it is amazing there. The Valagio hotel is the best I have stayed at. x

    • Anastasia
      March 10, 2018

      That’s really lovely to know, thank you Nicky! I hope you will be one of the regular readers now and that you will stay around!x