Pancakes in AberdeenHey everyone, how are you?

Happy Friday and welcome to another installment of The Friday Edit! I loved reading your direct messages on Instagram as a reaction to these new Series so I hope you enjoy this week’s post too.


It has been a difficult week for us here – not only it’s been freezing cold and doing anything seems like climbing Mountain Kilimanjaro, but we also had to experience the loss of Mikey, the Rottweiler. Weekends with Mikey in the Scottish countryside will no longer be a thing as he in dog heaven. As much as I got upset knowing that he was battling to breathe I had this feeling of relief knowing that his soul is finally free and that he is in a better place. Dog heaven MUST be a place with unlimited biscuits where all our furry friends gather and keep an eye on us, right?


ONE // On Wednesday, Cruzy and I went on a long walk around Fonthill Road to take a few pictures of the colorful doors of Aberdeen, a project I am working on for BBC Scotland. Long story to make it short, BBC Scotland got in touch with me last year to work together on a video encouraging women to get involved in the STEM field (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics), subjects that young girls at school wrongly believe are only studied by boys. We made the video where I discussed about ‘A day in the Life of a Female Scientist’ and I briefly presented one of my experiments running at that time. Part of my collaboration with BBC Scotland was to provide them with an additional video and a month just after I had posted the flash driver with all the material of the new video, I received an email telling me that they never received the flash driver. I was so annoyed with Royal Mail, I mean what were the chances for a medium size envelope posted from Aberdeen to Glasgow to get lost?! Anyway, so after this they suggested me to provide them with some images of Aberdeen and I came up with the concept of taking pictures of the beautiful, colourful doors since everyone thinks Aberdeen is a grey city. I still haven’t managed to take the pictures I wanted because my hands were frozen after photoshooting only 5 doors, so I am hoping to finish this by tomorrow the latest!


TWO // Glowy, skin during winter time! I am not a girl that wears or likes make-up. If you ever watched my Instagram stories, then I am positive you have noticed my bare skin face. My mum doesn’t wear make-up either so I guess I got this habit from her. However, I do LOVE good skin care products, so if I am to walk make-up less all day long then I might as well invest my money on excellent skin care products to have the confidence of the bare skin. I have been lucky enough to work with Botanics, (on the Plant One Campaign), Charlotte Tilbury and Origins lately and get a bunch of skin care and make-up products which I am trying at the moment to figure out what works best for my skin. So far, I created two different sets of mix match products that seem to work greatly with my skin so if you are interested in this please let me know and I will do a blog post with more details.


THREE // The Trench coat Hype! It’s everywhere!!! From pink to grey and the classic beige, apparently trench coats are here to stay and I am very tempted to get mine out even though I know I will freeze wearing it because the temperatures are so low at the moment in Aberdeen. According to GOOP, the latest fashion uniform is a trench coat, jeans and mules, which as a combination, gets me very much back in the 90’s and my mum’s closet. Now, I cannot afford the $665 leather mules GOOP suggest however I am thinking on investing in these cheaper ones from Topshop. What do you think?


FOUR //  Going out with friends this weekend! I have been hybernating for pretty much the most part of this week so when my friend Catherine asked me to go for a coffee on Saturday and my friend Else asked me to meet at my place and have some pancakes on Sunday for brunch, I was over the moon!


What is the most exciting thing that has happened this week for you? Any weekend plans?




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  • Shannon
    March 2, 2018

    I am so sorry to hear about the difficult week you have been having. Sending you lots of happy thoughts!

    • Anastasia
      March 10, 2018

      This is so sweet of you! Thank you Shannon 🙂 x

  • James
    March 3, 2018

    I’m so glad I found your blog I really like the content.


    • Anastasia
      March 10, 2018

      Thank you so much James!:)

  • Claire
    March 4, 2018

    Looking forward to seeing your colourful photos of Aberdeen. Things go missing so rarely in the post it is really annoying when they do! <3

    • Anastasia
      March 4, 2018

      I just cannot believe that I was so unlucky and had the USB lost between Aberdeen and Glasgow 😛
      Thank you Claire, I cant wait to have the images posted 🙂 x