Happy Friday friends and welcome to another installment of The Friday Edit Series! This week started a bit low and ended up super busy and with a dash of accomplishment.

ONE // First of all, I started the Get the Glow challenge by Madeleine Shaw last Sunday. I love scrolling through Madeleine’s instagram page, she is glowing, happy and unpretentious which are the 3 elements I am seeking in every friendship – online or not. Her recipes are easy to follow and tasty, and her lifestyle is healthy but not obsessively strict about dieting and eating, so it’s easy to trust her in this challenge. So last Saturday, without further ado, I cleared my cupboards and spent 2 hours deciding on the recipes before heading to the super market. The ingredients were quite pricey, the coconut oil and sugar definitely were the most expensive ones but they are totally worth it. At the end of the day, I’d rather spend money on my food than another unnecessary shopping spree! As I am at the end of the challenge, I feel like writing a post to update you on how it went, so keep an eye for it.

TWO// As I am looking towards following the research-public engagement pathway, yesterday I applied for a bunch of voluntary jobs to give me a bit more expertise on the subject. From being a STEM ambassador to demonstrating at the Science Festival in Edinburgh, it all adds up a bit to my CV and I am excited for the opportunities that will arise!

THREE // Doing a bit of yoga at home! My gym is half an hour walk from the house, so since I was busy with work and the job applications, I decided to do a bit of yoga at home starting with the Adrienne videos. I have to say that I find no pleasure in doing yoga, but because all of my yogi friends swear on the magic of it, I decided to give it the benefit of doubt and see what it’s all about! So far, so good…

FOUR // Trying to go plastic free, I was astonished to read the other day an article on Marie Claire stating some facts about plastic, for instance, did you know that in the UK alone, contribute to 900,000 tonnes of plastic waste per year? This is an overwhelmingly amount of plastic to end up in landfill or even worse in the Ocean! More to this, did you know that one plastic bottle requires 1/4l of oil and 6l of water to be produced? Say what! Going to zero waste restaurants (I don’t know any in Aberdeen or the surrounding area but if I ever find one I will most certainly let you know), swapping your plastic toiletries for glass, or refillable ones and carrying your own water bottle everyone can make such a change. I will also try to be more clever with my food and create as less waste as possible. Definitely a cause to fight for, let’s see how it goes!

And that was this week’s The Friday Edit.

Do you have any plans for the weekend? I was hoping to go to Oban but sadly I got a flat tyre this morning so there’s my weekend plans gone. What about you?



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