The Friday Edit

Happy Friday friends and welcome to another instalment of The Friday Edit blog Series. This week was a challenging one, I struggled with food – for the love of God I CANNOT stop eating desserts – and with the weather as it is getting chillier day by day. On top of everything, I lost my writer’s mojo (thus, the absence of posting much this week on the Blog) and it really got me down thinking I am not doing my job properly. My ultimate goal for Natbee’s is to post 4 times per week including the contributor’s posts. I like having a fresh, new post for everyone to read early in the morning and I make sure that our content is not outdated and that we keep up with the seasons. But this week I just lost it and I felt so much guilt. There is loads of admin stuff going on in the background but I try not to use this as my excuse. So here’s to hoping that next week will be a batter one 🙂

Here are three things that made this week exciting:

ONE// Walking down the beach with Cruz on Wednesday! As a Greek, being close to the sea is my ultimate pleasure and something I am always looking for! I love listening to the sound of the waves and smelling the fresh breeze. It’s not often that I visit Aberdeen beach these days, by the time I finish work it is already dark so I prefer to walk Cruz around the neighbourhood instead of walking the 2 miles route to the beach. So on Wednesday, thermos in hand and camera equiped we head to the beach and it was just lovely. Cruzy played with the stones and digged holes in the sand and then we met another Jack Russell and they started running up and down chasing each other. It was so fun to watch and definitely made me smile way too many times 🙂

TWO// Visiting Marks and Spencer at St. Nicholas centre to try on the new Holly Willoughby clothing collection! I love M&S, from grocery shopping to clothing, this is one of my favourite places to shop, so you can imagine how happy I was when they invited me to come in store and have a look at the collection. I tried on 3 different outfits and was very tempted to get more than one outfits back home with me but eventually I resolved and got this dress! You can have a look at my Instagram Stories for more if you like!

THREE// Heather’s article, 20 Things to Do in Aberdeen on a Weekend Break  put a big smile on my face! In case you didn’t see it on my Instagram, Heather on her Travels is a Bristol blogger that visited Aberdeen some weeks ago and she kindly asked me if I could show her around my city so we spent the day together taking pictures of all the important monuments and sightseeing spots of Aberdeen city. Heather was here as part of a press trip and she tried to take in as much as possible in order to write a Travel Guide with her top tips of Aberdeen city. If you are visiting Aberdeen anytime soon then have a look at her article, she has some very useful images and recommendations.

And that is all from me now! I am going to wear my new M&S dress and go meet my friend for a coffee.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!


*Cover image by Kendall from Simply Green Photography


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  • Heather Cowper
    October 26, 2018

    Thanks so much for the mention – the thought of you and Cruz on the beach brings back memories of my weekend in Aberdeen & thanks for showing me your local’s view of the city

    • Anastasia
      October 26, 2018

      No problem at all Heather! I am so glad I could show you around Aberdeen and hopefully I will see you soon in Bristol:)

  • Gillian
    October 26, 2018

    Happy Friday Anastasia! I hope this weekend is a good one for you, I am taking my grandma to the Farmer’s Market so I am looking forward to it…


    • Anastasia
      October 26, 2018

      Thank you Gillian! It sounds like a great activity, I hope you have loads of fun!x

  • Mary Caldargi
    October 26, 2018

    Happy Friday Hun! Cruzy looks so cute in this picture 🙂


    • Anastasia
      October 26, 2018

      Thank you Mary! He is so cute, isn’t he?x

  • Marina
    October 26, 2018

    I feel you re- the beach and sea breeze! I cannot imagine a life without living close to the sea. Greek here too, hehe!
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  • Lovely Amusan
    October 26, 2018

    Happy Friday Anastasia, your dog is super cute, have a fabulous weekend!


  • Nina Faulkner
    October 26, 2018

    You both are so CUTE! But your pup’s face is so funny here, what is he staring at I wonder!


  • Kara
    October 26, 2018

    Happy Friday! I always enjoy reading your Friday edits. Even though you lost some of your writer’s mojo, the posts you put up this week were all lovely. Also, the dress you got from M&S is beautiful and I can’t wait to see how you style it. Have a great weekend! x

    x Kara |

    • Anastasia
      October 29, 2018

      Aww Kara you are really the sweetest, thank you so much for your kind comment 🙂 x

  • Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's
    October 26, 2018

    I definitely get more munchy in autumn; I can’t help it, there are too many delicious holiday treats! At this point, I’m past feeling guilty about little things that make me happy, albeit, that’s probably not the most responsible approach to life ;P // I’ve definitely had weeks when I’ve been less inspired to create. I’ve been very inconsistent on my blog this past summer, which was surprising, because I thought I’d have all this time to devote to blogging. Now that summer has passed, I’ve gotten better at making peace with it. The most important thing for me is creating content I’m excited about and proud of 🙂

    • Anastasia
      October 29, 2018

      Making peace with it and that there will be days that I wont have a writer’s flow makes me feel a bit happier. Happy Monday Audrey x

  • Jalisa
    October 28, 2018

    I’m with you, girlie, this past week I’ve been reaching for all the carbs!!! So not like me, I do think it’s the weather and season. I’m glad you’ve had some time to walk on the beach, the water is so therapeutic. Thanks for sharing and I hope you have a great week ahead!



  • Kelsey Martino
    October 28, 2018

    Honestly, I eat desserts practically everyday. I don’t know if i’ll ever learn to stop, lol. Your photo looks lovely, btw! Cute dog!

  • Joanne
    October 29, 2018

    His face, he is just so cute I cant!!!

  • Adam
    October 29, 2018

    I also get super snacky in the fall! Theres just something about the weather that makes me want to eat all the treats!