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Happy Friday friends!

Flickered by the boredom post PhD and the ghastly weather, I was determined to visit London this weekend for some much needed culture, sightseeing and change of scenes. Yet, here I am stuck at my desk in Aberdeen, looking outside the window in vain for a glimpse of blue sky.


However you look at it, living in a country that has springs that emulate winters of other timezone is depressing in itself. Not one to moan though, every morning I open the curtains and smile even if the sky is not blue again. As the majority of people who follow me on Instagram keep mentioning, I try to find the beauty in everyday, simple things as cheesy and common as it may sound. Sometimes it takes more effort than others, but at the end of the day I am happy and this is my victory!


Here’s what got me through this week::


ONE // Your incredible support towards Hollie’s interview! After an overwhelming amount of messages on Instagram I realised that we do, indeed, need to be reminded about alternative career options and to be inspired by people who made it successfully! So here’s to the fabulous interviews to follow, I hope they motivate you to follow different, maybe a bit more creative, directions…


TWO // Friends who visit Greece and bring you back chocolate bars, are friends for life, right? I was SO pleasantly surprised the other day when I visited my old office to check my mail and I saw a beautifully wrapped bar of chocolate from Greece left on my desk by one of my old colleagues. I know to many this might sound silly, but to me, every little thing that someone brings me from home is of uppermost importance! I did enjoy much my chocolate bar, thank you Mike!


THREE // Watching LOVE on Netflix. I have never been a fan of watching telly Series, with the exclusion of Jane Austen’s ‘Pride and Prejudice‘ with Colin Firth as Mr. Darcy (duh!). But the other day, as I came back from a dog walk and I was trying to warm my hands with a cup of tea I logged in Netflix and it all started! It’s a lovey-dovey comedy to watch without putting too much thought in it and I love how easily it flows! Already on Season 3!


FOUR // Edinburgh for the weekend! I was supposed to be in London, however with flights cancelled due to the winds and the temperatures being so low I decided it’s better to drive to Edinburgh just for the fun of it. I will play the tourist and visit as many museums as possible, and I am so glad about it!


And that’s all for now! Keep an eye on my Instagram stories if you fancy a bit of the Edinburgh life, otherwise see you on Monday!



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