Gift Ideas for Him & for Her

I am jumping a bit late on the gift guide train, but I have finally managed to complete my Christmas shopping and so here I am today sharing with you a few of my favourite products hoping to give you some ideas on what to buy for him and for her, with starting prices as little as £6!

I am keen on anything that makes me feel at home while on the go and any body care products from The White Company and The Body Shop do the job for me as their frangances are refreshing and clean. The Seychelle soap has bonus credits as it comes in a heart shape, and the pomegranate night cream makes your skin feel revitalised every time you apply it.
My luggage when travelling is filled with clothes and accessories that are easy to wear and create various styles without much thought, so anything that can keep me warm and make me look like a French girl is certainly on my list. With this in mind, this long scarf, DW watch and striped top from Joules are exactly what any girl will appreciate this Christmas.
Of course let’s not forget the Christmas festivities, a little knitted Father Christmas, knit set and candle to keep your hygge levels high, and mug are perfect for your best girl friends. Trust me they will love these!FOR HER LINKS::

My oh my, please tell me I am not the only one who struggles every time it comes to Christmas shopping for the guys in your life. I feel like guys have everything and anything, and when you buy them gifts either they already have these things or they don’t like them because they all have a particular style that it is difficult to mix or change.
After much thought, I decided that I could make a gift list for ‘the guy that has it all’ as this pretty much describes every guy I can think of! However, there are still a few things that even that kind of guy would appreciate, starting with a good bottle of bourbon whiskey, a pair of stylish slippers to keep him comfy (isn’t this tartan lining cute), a mug and a thermal flask for tea drinking during forest walks, and a Barbour scarf for the cold nights.
top // mug // gloves // shirt // book // socks

I had so much fun putting up this gift guide, Cruz had his fun too when he grabbed the Father Christmas knitted ornament and started running around the kitchen making me chase him to get it back. I always find it easy to buy gifts for women, as I know their style and have an idea of what they would like or not. However, men are tricky. So my suggestion for this Christmas is buy for him anything you like, let that be a t-shirt, top, book to start up a new hobby, and if he doesn’t like your present then tell him to give it to a charity shop and make sure to give you a wishlist for next year. FatFace, John Lewis and M&S are hands down the best places to buy gifts for him this Christmas but if he happens to be fussy then just buy him tickets to a sunny destination, who can say no to this!

What are your top three suggestions when it comes to Christmas shopping for him and for her?
Anastasia x


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