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Friday evening we had a friend visiting from Edinburgh who was staying over in our flat. Determined to make the most of his time in the silver city, we wandered around showing him every little corner and street art before getting exhausted and famished questioning each other where to go and have something to eat. But, I didn’t want to go just anywhere!


I had heard from a few friends that Giraffe had gone under a major renovation with a fresh, new menu including recipes from all over the world- hence now known as Giraffe World Kitchen, rather than just Giraffe.


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New menu and interior I hear you say, we HAVE to book at table and go have a look, I said!


With the (restaurant’s) promise to immerse ourselves into a world of colours, spices, sizzles and smells in combinations that we wouldn’t believe, we made an effort not to eat much for lunch and so by the time we arrived in the restaurant we were ready to devour the new menu!

Giraffe restaurant Aberdeen

The menu indeed includes recipes from all over the world-Greek prawn saganaki, juicy American burgers, Mexican tacos and super food Scandi salads are just a few of them!


Not willing to put too much thought into it we ordered from the WORLD TAPAS selection and shared our dishes….


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…along with a few cocktails to wash everything down!

The strawberry and basil daquiri was strong and full of flavour, exactly what I needed after a day of exploring!


Giraffe World Kitchen Aberdeen

Our tapas got on the table just under 20′ after placing our order. Thumbs up to the kitchen for feeding us despite us arriving at such a busy time.

Giraffe World Kitchen Aberdeen


Our order went down like this::

? Salt and pepper squid, with sweet chilli jam and fresh lime.

? Smoky Chorizo, in a sweet honey and sherry vinegar glaze.

? Yaki Gyozas, fried chicken dumplings with orange and miso glaze served with a sweet chilli sauce.

? Shredded chicken and pulled beef tacos.

? Karaage chicken, Japanese style fried chicken topped with sesame seeds served with honey and soy dip.

? Edamame, with chilli garlic and soy sauce.

? Cripsy patatas bravas, in a tomato sauce topped with garlic aioli.

? Prawn Greek saganaki served with toasted flatbread.

Giraffe World Kitchen Aberdeen

Giraffe World Kitchen Aberdeen

Giraffe World Kitchen Aberdeen

Giraffe World Kitchen Aberdeen

Giraffe World Kitchen Aberdeen

Giraffe World Kitchen Aberdeen

Everything was made with fresh ingredients and it was super tasty. We enjoyed every single dish, taking small nibbles and enjoying the flavours as the food was melting in the mouth.


I LOVED the chicken tacos, they came on soft tortillas with loads of fresh vegetables, like radishes, lettuce, cucumber, red onion, and fresh guacamole and salsa cause. The squid had a lovely pepper batter, the crispy patatas bravas had a lovely tomato sauce and the Yaki Giyozas were soft and when dipped in the chilli sauce they were just pure perfection.


However, what really stole the attention of the table was the prawn saganaki! King prawn saganaki is one of my mum’s specialities but trust me when I say this, this particular King prawn saganaki at Giraffe World Kitchen was equal-not to say a tiny bit better, sorry mum-than my mum’s traditional saganaki! The sauce was in the right ingredient balance, not too sweet and not too salty, full of herbs, garlic and white wine flavours. The dish came with soft toasted flatbread -that was the ideal to dip into the thick sauce -and rocket on the side.

Giraffe World Kitchen Aberdeen

We stayed there chatting about everything and anything, listening to the salsa music on the background and admiring the new interiors of the restaurant, colourful and funky with a dose of street style art.


Union Square was very busy and people were coming and going all the time but the service was very quick and even though it was peak time or waitress was there to facilitate any of our requests, from ordering a more drinks to asking what is the secret ingredient of the saganaki dish!

We ordered a couple of mango coladas and just when we thought we couldn’t possible eat anymore,the dessert menu appeared in front of our eyes and minutes later a huge salted caramel Sundae was on the table with 3 spoons to share!

Giraffe restaurant Aberdeen

Topped with mini pretzels, popcorn and salted caramel sauce it was the ideal end to a lovely dinner in the silver city!


If you are ever in the city or waiting for your train to arrive and fancy some tasty food, please do pass by Giraffe World Kitchen for some drinks and nibbles. And if you don’t have much time to go through the menu just order the King Prawn saganaki and a strawberry daquiri-you can thank me later 😉




*Our dinner was complimentary in exchange of a review but all opinions expressed are mine. Thanks for reading.



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  • Dina
    October 6, 2017

    Πεντανόστιμες φωτογραφίες!

  • Linda
    November 6, 2017

    I HAD to say this icecream looks delicious!!!!!xx