A few years back, I had the pleasure of living in the vibrant city of Glasgow, but I never took a Glasgow Walking Lunch Food Tour before, so I was beyond excited to visit the city and play the tourist this weekend as part of a press trip with People Make Glasgow.

Living in between Aberdeen and Edinburgh and having travelled all around Scotland, I have formed an idea of why I like each city and what each city has to offer the most. And my favourite thing about Glasgow is that it is lively, vibrant, it has the vibes of a big city (think London), but in a smaller size. In Glasgow you can find anything, and it can satisfy people of all ages and preferences; from museums and five star restaurants, to old pubs (where you can meet the funniest people) and salsa clubs, there’s nothing this city is lacking, and no chances you will ever get bored! Glasgow Walking Lunch Food Tour

Glasgow Walking Lunch Food Tour

After moving in Aberdeen, there have been many times that I wondered if Glasgow is a better fit for me and if I will ever return back. But I have come to realise that even though Glasgow is fun and great, for me Edinburgh is the place I’d like to live. And luckily, Glasgow is just a drive away. Glasgow Walking Lunch Food Tour

I know quite a bit about Glasgow already but knowing some interesting facts, such as::
-What connects Robert Burns to a milkshake on Duke Street?
-What part did a family recipe from the Isle of Lewis play in the regeneration of the Merchant city?
-And what do billionaires really like to eat?
has always fascinated me! Glasgow Walking Lunch Food Tour

So this past Friday, we got our chance to go on a Glasgow Walking Lunch Food Tour and we couldn’t have loved it more! These and many other questions and interesting facts were answered during the tour, while we enjoyed a starter, main, dessert and coffee break in various places along our way. Glasgow Walking Lunch Food Tour

Glasgow Walking Lunch Food Tour

Our tour was focused around the city centre of Glasgow. Having as starting point the Merchant square we travelled through 1,000 years of the Glasgow story with food and travel writer Andrea Pearson, who guided us on this wonderful exploration.

Andrea explained all about the “tobacco lords” of the 18th century who prospered shipping in the city tobacco and tea, the development of the city through the times and the restoration of the Victorian buildings the past decades.

Along our walk, we would stop every here and there to enjoy some food and Andrea would take us back in times, explaining the significance of supporting the local economy, where people used to eat back in times and also a bit of history and background about each of our food stops.

Glasgow Walking Lunch Food Tour
Stop 1: McCune Smith Cafe & Shop, 3-5 Duke Street, Glasgow, G40 UL.
Glasgow Walking Lunch Food Tour

The McCune Smith Cafe is situated in the historic heart of Glasgow. McCune Smith was the first African American in the world to hold a medical degree and he studied at the University of Glasgow. Enrolled in 1833 at ‘Old College’, when it stood on High Street, he went on to graduate at the top of his class in 1837. 

“…educated in Scotland, and breathing the free air of that country, he came back to his native land with the ideas of liberty which placed him in advance of most of his fellow citizens of African descent.  He was not only a learned and skilful physician, but an effective speaker, and a keen polished writer… A brave man himself, he knew how to esteem courage in others.”

This Cafe serves artisan food that showcases Scotland’s larder and prepares dishes with locally sourced and ethical ingredients. We enjoyed a delicious soup that was much welcomed as it was getting a bit chilly outside, before we went on…

Glasgow Walking Lunch Food Tour
Stop 2: Gadolfi Fish84-86 Albion Street, Glasgow G1 1NY.
Glasgow Walking Lunch Food Tour
The Herald lists Gadolfi as one of the top 25 Scottish restaurants, a small but comfortable place to taste fish and chips, haggis, black pudding and other Scottish delicacies, prepared every day with traditional recipes, Gadolfi’s philosophy is based on the Gaelic proverb “Deagh Bhiadh, Deagh Bheannachd” which translates as “well fed, well blessed”, and it is the place to experience the pleasures of simple yet good food.

We had a quick pit stop and tasted haggis and black pudding, and it was my first time tasting vegetarian haggis after all these years living in Scotland! Which was pretty much as I thought haggis would be, rich in flavour, satisfying and deep fried.

Glasgow Walking Lunch Food Tour
Stop 3: The Anchor Line, 12-16 St. Vincent Place, Glasgow
Glasgow Walking Lunch Food Tour
Glasgow Walking Lunch Food Tour
On our next stop we entered the world of luxury food tasting and travelling, with a trip through the history of The Anchor line from Glasgow to New York! We tried a selection of cheese accompanied by walnuts with honey, and caramelised onions chutney. While nibbling our captain of the day briefly described the history of the business that started back in 1838! 
While being in The Anchor Line we felt like being in an expensive cruise ship. With scenes similar to the Titanic movie we forgot that we were in Glasgow and pretended we were travelling somewhere far away, while drinking signature cocktails and classics. Bliss!
Glasgow Walking Lunch Food Tour

Stop 4: Riverhill Cafe, 3 West Nile Street, Glasgow, G1 2PR. 

Glasgow Walking Lunch Food Tour

Last stop to our tour was a coffee and cakes break at the Riverhill Cafe. We were greeted by the owner and stuff and sat down to have a cup of coffee, when the chef presented us a delightful variety of cakes, freshly prepared just for us! If there is only one cake I’d suggest you to eat (because all of them are simply perfect), that would be the orange and almond domino cake. It was so aromatic and tasty, it drove my taste buds crazy!

And this is how our Glasgow Walking Lunch Food Tour came to an end. I cannot recommend Andrea and this kind of tour enough if you are visiting Glasgow anytime soon, or even if you live in Glasgow and want to know a bit more about the city. Andrea’s incredible knowledge about the city’s facts left us all amazed at the end of our tour. It is often that we live in a place and ignore some of the most basic history details, simply because life gets in and we are not too bothered to educate ourselves, and I am so guilty of this. After this tour, I felt that I loved this city a bit more and I appreciated the efforts and accomplishments people of the 18th century did to bring this city to the brilliant set of circumstances it is today.

If you’d like to experience a Glasgow Walking Lunch Food Tour yourself then make sure to book Andrea in advance by calling 07769 676 899 or emailing walkinglunch@copytaker.com. More information can also be found here.

Happy exploring!


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