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If there is one thing that excites me for autumn that’s knits-and hot chocolate- okay so that makes it two things then…and as much as I would like to believe otherwise, there’s not a better beanie than a handmade one!
So today I have some great news….
a sales coupon code just for you!

Thick cable bobble hat
In the past, everytime I would buy a beanie from a high street fashion shop it would end up getting slouchier and looser after only a month of use, however never did I had a similar case with a handmade one.
By now I am an expert in telling which beanie is handmade, if it is crocheted or knitted and the size of knitting sticks used, all thanks to being a proud Etsy owner shop for the past four years.
Since 2011, my mum, sister and I, run a small family business on Etsy where we sell mum’s handmade masterpieces; from bobble hats and beanies to ipad cases and even shawls, mum has you covered for the cold days.
As winter days are approaching it’s time for some shopping to do, so we decided to offer you 10% off for every purchase you do from our shop, just on time for the cold days ahead!
All beanies and hats are of affordable prices and we also offer free shipping!
Use the code THANKYOUNATBEES10 and tag us on Instagram or Facebook (@natbeesfashion), we’d love to see you rocking your beanies!



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