Hot chocolate cures everything

Have you ever heard of the old saying ‘there is nothing hot chocolate cannot cure’…
…well, I might have just made this up, but isn’t it true? Hot chocolate is delicious, therapeutic and reminds me of childhood mornings where my mum would add a tablespoon of cacao in my hot milk, just for taste.

Today was a disaster. I was hit by a car while I was cycling to get to my morning meeting at work, and instead of an apology for getting on the cyclist lane, the driver started swearing and shouting at me things that I would rather forget than repeat here. All in all, he told me to ‘go back to my country’ and learn to speak English, before he accelerated and left. I was left there looking at my legs and front wheel, while people who had just witnessed the incident kept passing by the spot. Disheartening as it is, there was only one lady who stopped her car and asked me if I got hurt, bless her heart. If you have been reading Natbee’s the past eight years then you must know that this is a place where I write about happy stuff, despite the everyday chaos. So please excuse my ranting, I just needed to take this off my chest as I have been in utter shock for the entire day.

After my meeting, I walked my bike back home and had a quick shower, before getting into my comfy Minnie Mouse pyjamas. I made myself a hot chocolate using Alpro cashew milk that has such a delicate and creamy taste, it made me smile as soon as I had the first sip.

I have stopped drinking conventional milk the past few months and I feel so much lighter and better with myself. The Alpro range of plant based milks is my savior; almond milk (my most favourite), hazelnut milk and currently this cashew nut milk are always in my grocery list. They all have excellent taste and I haven’t missed the taste of milk for a single moment! If you are into the vegetarian/vegan foodie category, I totally recommend you trying the range. This time I experimented around the kitchen with some Belgian chocolate drops I had in the cupboard and made this delicious hot chocolate that I adopted from a recipe from the Hairy Bikers.

Here’s what I did:: I got a generous tablespoon portion of chocolate drops into a sauce pan, then poured Alpro cashew nut milk on top and added a hint of cinnamon, two drops of vanilla oil essence and a tiny bit of ground nutmeg. I brought them gently to boil and then whisked until smooth.

You can serve with a bit of ground nutmeg on top but I had mine with some extra pieces of a Galaxy chocolate bar that my colleague, Mike, gave to me this morning to make me feel better for what happened. What a sweet gesture, right?

I spent the rest of the day playing with little Cruz and planning ahead for my upcoming trip to Greece- I am so looking forward to it! Oh, and did I tell you I got a new necklace?

I hope your day was better than mine.
Happy Thursday!

Anastasia x


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