How to brand yourself!

Often I am being asked by people who want to start blogging/Instagramming this, how to brand myself, question? By no means am I suggesting that I am an expert in the Marketing and Branding Yourself field, however with (loads) of trials and errors and a course on Marketing back in 2011, I got the basic concepts of ‘how to brand yourself’ ,build a strong brand and attract the right followers. While I am happy with where Natbee’s is today, there is no rest for the wicked, as with so much competition on the blogging community I constantly search for new ways to enhance my brand and enlarge my audience more effectively.

Whether you are new to blogging and the Instagram community or have been active for a fair amount of time, I hope you are going to enjoy these tips that I have learned throughout the years and apply them to your advantage.

So here it goes.

How to brand yourself!

1. Decide who you are!

In most cases, this takes sometime a lot of time to comprehend and it can also alter and turn around as your life progresses. For me, Natbee’s used to be an outlet of my life as a student abroad with the ultimate aim of keeping in touch with family and friends. But as years went by and blogging became more of a prominent thing with brands approaching me to work on fashion campaigns, Natbee’s grew to be a fashion & lifestyle blog and later on a travel blog. As a matter of fact, the more life changes, the more Natbee’s changes too as it has to naturally follow my everyday habits and activities. So grab a cup of tea, have a sit and ask yourself these 3 basic questions:

-What do I enjoy doing the most?

-What is my lifestyle?

-Who/which are the people/places I spend most of my time with/at?

If reading books and baking cakes in the Aga is your thing then most likely starting a fashion blog will not be the most enjoyable thing for you, and thus, the chances are that maintaining it for long will be challenging. If your life is all about your family then perhaps an encouraging thing to do is create an online outlet of documenting the fun things you do with your kids/partner/pet all year round. Also, think where you live, where you spend most of your time and what are your surroundings. If you are living in bonnie Scotland then starting a blog about swimwear and beaches like Tash Oakley won’t be a long-lasting business. I could go on and on with more examples but I am sure you got the picture, so let’s move forward.

2. Is your Online Identity simple and easy to find?

When it comes to choosing a blog name or Instagram username choose something simple, memorable and easily searchable on Google. Natbee’s is not the best example, but if I could turn the clocks back I would most likely choose something like ‘A Greek abroad‘ (sounds cheesy, but!), ‘Life in Aberdeen‘ or even something in the lines of ‘Exploring Scotland‘ since my online identity is more about Scotland and life in Aberdeen than a nickname that I was given when I was 15 years old! Great examples of such online identities are ‘The Londoner‘ and ‘Cider with Rosie’ blogs. Just imagine how many students have searched about the vintage classic ‘Cider with Rosie’ book and ended up reading Rosie’s blog. Branding geniuses right there!

3. Brand Opportunities

Think of all the brands you love and want to work with on your social media or blog. Study their style, way of photoshooting their campaigns, way of arranging their images on their Instagram grid and try to copy a few of their elements with the hope that one day they will like to work with you. Ultimately, you are building-up a portfolio for potential customers/brands who will want to work with you in the future. If you like preppy style and you can see yourself working with Lacoste one day then surely taking pictures like you would be featured on Dr. Martens Instagram page is not the best tactic to follow. Be consistent and with time you will also attract the right audience for you and hopefully the brands you aspire to work together one day.

4. Have a plan

It’s no secret that all big bloggers follow a plan that encourages them to be consistent, reminds them of seasonal hot topics and helps them with their brand vision. Achieving and maintaining a strong brand not only will bring you loads of wonderful opportunities but it will also help you in some aspects of your personal life. If nothing else, Natbee’s has made me a more confident person; I am more self-assure in front of the camera, I am more chatty on social gatherings and I am always happy to deliver a speech in front of a panel, thanks to all these Instagram Stories that I have been doing the past months. It has also allowed me to find a hobby that I enjoy doing more than anything else and a hobby that helps me pay my bills, so overall, blogging is undoubtedly one of the best things that have happened in my life so far! Make technology your Ally, have a Pinterest board with inspiring style/travel/whatever-is-your-jam images and stay focused on your target. You don’t actually have to spend loads of time everyday online as long as you know the answers of Step 1., where you want to take your blog/ Instagram account and what you want to make out of it!

Which of these Brand building tips do you already do? How do you try and grow your personal brand?




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  • Shannon
    June 5, 2018

    I think this is a wonderful topic for you to write about and there is a lot of useful information in here. I especially liked what you said about your blog growing and changing as *you* grow and change. I love that!

    • Anastasia
      June 10, 2018

      It is so true, isn’t it? We grow up, we change and so our writing and photography style changes too, so it will only make sense that our brand will follow. I am so glad you liked it Shannon, I hope you are well xx