How to get the perfect smile!

Once upon a time there was a girl that had slightly crooked teeth. And by slightly I mean, she couldn’t even bite an apple!

Orthodontic treatments were not an option so she had to wait until she was 15 years old for her family to afford to have her teeth fixed. And in case you haven’t guessed it already, this girl was me…

Grab a cuppa this will be a long post.

Nano Whitening teeth strips review

I was 15 years old when my Mum made a dramatic phone-call to my Dad at work telling him that I tried to bite a Greek ‘koulouri’ (that’s like an overly baked bagel for you) and that I had to pull my jaw towards the opposite direction of my hand holding the koulouri in order to manage and get a bite.

See, my upper front teeth had a small gap and they were slightly up higher than the rest, making biting anything hard an impossible mission. The rest of my teeth were perfectly fine, but I blame my obsession for my dummy (I was sucking it up until I was 3 years old!) the main reason for this snag.

Unlike today, getting an orthodontic treatment back in the 90’s was mainly for medical purposes, making a very selected number of people making it through the orthodontist door and so the cost of having your teeth fixed was high up to the rooftop.

I don’t even want to think how much my family had to save to help me get this treatment but let’s just say in today’s money you could buy a good, expensive car… Nano Whitening teeth strips review

Three years of wearing the metal braces and I finally got myself the smile I have always dreamed of! My teeth were straight and most importantly I could eat bagels and apples without any difficulty. Nano Whitening teeth strips review

Nano Whitening teeth strips review

Nano Whitening teeth strips review


I have always taken pride in my oral hygiene. Partly due to my dad who obsessively brushes his teeth 3 times per day, partly due to having to be more careful while having the braces in my mouth. But once the braces were removed, I couldn’t help but notice a slight discolouration on my teeth and that right there was the minute I decided to use whitening strips for the first time ever.

I ordered my first batch from a well known oral hygiene brand, and even though I didn’t know at the time, that was my BIGGEST mistake!

The strips contained peroxide which made my teeth sensitive after just one application. I remember my teeth tinkling followed by intense, painful sensitivity for the rest of the week. I was supposed to use the strips on a daily basis for a week but I couldn’t stand using them past this single application.

Nano Whitening teeth strips review

Years and years went by and I never wanted to whiten my teeth anymore, such bad experience I had, until last month when my sister and I had a discussion about teeth whitening. More specifically, my sister asked me if I was aware of any good teeth whitening strips that would deliver brilliant results without damaging the teeth. Nano Whitening teeth strips review

An hour into reading reviews and blogposts and I finally had an answer. And it was a good one! So good that after using these whitening strips you’d be able to drink tea without experiencing any sort of pain or sensitivity, which is a reason enough for me to try.

I placed my order and told myself that I’d use them consistently as long as they didn’t make my teeth sensitive and patiently waited for them to arrive.

Nano Whitening teeth strips review

My order included:

Nano Sonic whitening toothbrush

The sonic technology makes the toothbrush to reach in places in between the teeth my previous electrical toothbrush couldn’t even touch. It also means that it is soundless as it doesn’t rotate like a conventional electrical toothbrush that makes so much noise it would wake up even Cruz sleeping in the living room!

Nano Intensive whitening kit

The box contains 28 whitening strips (14 sets of 2 for the upper and lower teeth) designed with the MOST advanced whitening technology ensuring that there will be no damage to the enamel after each application. It also includes 2 mouth trays (they are made out of silicon and take your teeth shape after holding them in hot water, to make them shrink a bit, and immediately bitting them to get your mould), and 2 syringes containing 5ml Nano Whitening Gel each.

The whitening strips course lasts for 2 weeks and the application is very simple.


Nano Whitening teeth strips review

Pick your whitening strips. Nano Whitening teeth strips review


Nano Whitening teeth strips review

Tear and open one of the packages… Nano Whitening teeth strips review

STEP 3:Nano Whitening teeth strips reviewNano Whitening teeth strips review

Remove the whitening strips.

…This is where the magic begins!


Remove the whitening strips.

Apply them on your teeth making sure the entire strip is in contact with your teeth.

You can do anything you like for an hour- the strips are transparent so even if you’d do it at work or if you needed to get outside of the house for whatever reason, no one would notice! Nano Whitening teeth strips review


Remove the whitening strips. This is where the magic begins!

Once you have done this step, remove the strips, apply the whitening gel along each of the mouth trays and wear them for another half hour and that’s you done! Easy peasy lemon squeezy!

Nano Whitening teeth strips review

You will notice difference after the 3rd application which is extremely fast considering this is a treatment you can do by yourself at home.

To make an even greater difference and help the whitening procedure, I also got the whitening toothpaste, (not only it whitens the teeth but it also remineralises them thanks to the Hydroxyapatite ingredient!), the whitening mouthwash (so refreshing!) and anti-stain floss (it is a non-shredding floss which glides easily between teeth and features micro-perforations resulting in a superior clean).

If you are intrigued and want to know more about how you could too whiten your teeth safely at home, you can have a look at this extremely helpful tutorial below:

And if you decide to buy the same Teeth Whitening Kit as I did, use the code NATBEES10 and you will get 10% off your purchases!

Nano Whitening teeth strips review

Let me know how it goes and send me a selfie on Instagram 🙂 Nano Whitening teeth strips review


*This is post has been brought to you in collaboration with Nano, but all opinions expressed are mine. Thank you for supporting the brands that make Natbee’s happen!


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