Happy Friday everyone and welcome to another installment of The Friday Edit series! As I am writing this Cruzy is on my lap moving his eyelids no doubt as a result of dreaming intensely. I am back in Scotland after spending two glorious months in Greece and I am coming to terms that all good things come to an end whilst trying to adjust to my new life routine. I am going to keep this post short as it is a beautiful sunny day in Aberdeen and I am eagerly anticipating to take Cruzy on a long dog walk down the Aberdeen beach. So without further ado, here’s what happened this week::


ONE // Being reunited with Cruzy! Being two months away from him I missed his cute face more than you can imagine! I had even forgotten how tiny he is and didn’t stop cuddling him when I saw him!!!


TWO // Sunny days! For the past two months I was going to the beach every single day, I was eating a croissant along with my coffee every single morning and I was walking by the seafront every single evening enjoying the sunset. Coming back to Scotland, I was greeted with a cloudy sky and instantly I felt a punch in my stomach thinking ‘that was it! No more summer for me from now and on‘, but today it all changed as we walk up in a beautiful bright blue sky! Can these days last for the rest of the summer please?


THREE // Lots of people got in touch with me on Instagram asking about properties to rent in Aberdeen for the new academic year-which is so amusing considering I am not an employee of the University of Aberdeen Accommodation Services nor do I have properties to rent. Around this time, every year, I receive a tonne of questions about the Aberdeen property market from prospective University of Aberdeen students. Somehow it makes people feel that as an Aberdeen blogger I should be knowledgeable about all-things-Aberdeen which makes me happy on one hand but it is time-consuming trying to please everyone and find answers for everything on the other. Truth is, when I came in Aberdeen I had no friends or contacts to show me around. Google was were I got most of my answers and up until now, after spending 4 years in this city, I feel that maybe I am not the most suitable person to provide answers to these matters…So if you are reading this and have any suggestions please comment below, you might help someone and make a change!


FOUR // Planning mum’s trip! My mum is coming in less than two weeks time for my Graduation and I am so looking forward to seeing her again and also showing her around Scotland! I got us two National Trust membership cards that will allow us to travel around and get into castles without paying the entrance fee, saving us money for coffees, and already arranged a Spa Day in Dundee. Anything else we should be doing? What is your most favourite thing about Aberdeen in summer that I must show Mum?


And that’s all for now. I’d better get the flip flops on and rush to the beach.

Happy first of June everyone!



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  • Shannon
    June 1, 2018

    I am so glad that the sun decided to shine! It is always nice when that happens, especially after cloudy skies.

  • Mary Caldargi
    June 5, 2018

    Welcome back! I hope you have a smooth transition from Greek to Scottish weather x