In the Scottish Mountains

The other day, as we were driving through the fields of Aberdeenshire I realised that what I like the most in Scotland, compared to my days in England, is that there is a much more interesting landscape thanks to the mountains, forests and beauty of wild nature.

Hiking through the hills is a new favourite of mine, I was always fascinated by the beaches and blue skies, however living in Scotland made me appreciate the mountains more.

Through the summer we visited most of the surrounding Aberdeen hills and mountains so I thought of writing down a list of my treasured ones.


outfit details: jacket and jeans-c/o Fatface, top-Zara, scarf-Topshop, backpack-c/o Radley

Bennachie is one of northeast Scotland’s most recognisable landmarks! Whether you would like to climb up the popular peak of Mither Tap or simply walk through the woods, this site has something for everyone. It is managed by the Forestry Commision and there is a visitor’s centre that provides the visitors with more information about the history of the mountain. Even though I have been climbed up the mountain many times it is still one of my top places to visit during the weekend.


waterproof yellow jacket-c/o Lighthouse

Clachnaben, Glen Dye hill path way was a lovely surprise first time we visited. The walk starts downhill through the forest towards the Bridge of Dye. The path has been through major work thanks to the volunteers of the Clachnaben Path Trust, that was created by local hill walkers in 1997. Along the path to the summit of Clachnaben you meet many footbridges across several side streams. The vegetation changes through the entire walk from ferns and bushes at the start, to tall trees in the middle of the route and then back to bushes at the rocky top. It gets a bit windy so a wind breaking jacket would be much appreciated, especially when you reach the top!


This is a fantastic walk around the loch, we visited just after coming back from our holidays from Greece and I was truly mesmerised by the beautiful landscape of the circuit. It takes 2-3 hours to walk through the entire circuit and there are a few rough areas, so a pair of proper hiking shoes (unlike the Adidas ones I was wearing the day we visited), would be good for the walk. It is a quiet walk as we did not meet many people around, and ideal for all ages. The scenery is breath-taking and the waters are very calm, we had so many stops to take pictures almost of every corner. On the right side of the loch lies Queen Victoria’s house with a beautiful beach where you can sit, have some rest and enjoy the views. I would totally recommend you pack some lunch  and have a wee picnic, this place makes it almost impossible not to have a lovely time.

So this is my mini guide of the Scottish mountains and hills to visit this summer. Have you ever been to either of them? Which one is your favourite?

Anastasia x


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