It’s Cruzy’s birthday

I haven’t blogged in almost 3 weeks. With the lockdown restrictions and anything exciting happening, I don’t have an awful lot to blog about. But today it’s Cruzy’s birthday so I thought of rounding up a few of our best moments together to wish him a big fat HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

It's Cruzy's birthday, Jack Russell

Our very first picture together!

Mini Jack Russell puppy

The first day in my old flat in Aberdeen.

I remember him getting inside every room, sniffing every corner and following me as I was doing my daily chores. I, then, got this sofa cushion on the floor for him to sit but seeing as he was missing his old bed he looked at me as if to say ‘WHAT AM I SUPPOSED TO DO NOW MUM?! DO YOU SERIOUSLY WANT ME TO SIT ON TOP OF THIS!’.

Cruzy the Jack Russell

His cute face everytime I would leave him to go to work…

It's Cruzy's birthday

…and his fully alerted, ready-to-explore face when we were out and about. This is, also, the first time he was off the lead for a VERY brief moment in Edinburgh!

You can read all about that weekend in Edinburgh and our adventures around Hollyrood Palace, here.

His ‘I am bored, let’s go out on a walk’ face…

Jack Russell wearing Ll Bean coat

…and his ‘Can I have some of whatever it is that you are eating’ face <3

Jack Russell and Rottweiler
UK lifestyle blogger with dogs

With his uncle Mickey…

At the end of a long walk in the Scottish countryside…

First time attempting to swim (didn’t happen)…

Jack Russell Puppy Scotland

Chewing on sticks…

Jack Russell and Rottweiler

And partying hard on Christmas night!

Happy birthday wee rascal, I hope you are spoiled rotten with biscuits, delicious treats, cuddles and walks today.

Mummy A x


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