The Cruz Diaries, life lately {in verbs}.

Hi all, Cruz here! On today’s post I am sharing the latest edition of my Jack Russell Diaries…

Since I got adopted by Steven and Anastasia life has been so exciting and busy. I got to travel to Edinburgh twice and experience the #edfringe first hand! I went to the University a couple of times, I met all of my mum’s friends, I had a sleepover at uncle Callum’s a few times and also met my other uncle, Mikey, who is a Rottweiller living somewhere in the countryside with my grandparents.

Here’s what my life looks like, in verbs ::

Eating – everything and anything. To my parents surprise, I love radishes. And you know what – I am still not entirely convinced these are vegetables and not red balls that mum drops on the floor on purpose for me to chase…

Drinking – milk. It happened accidentally the other day while mum was drinking coffee at Starbucks and an espresso cup full of semi-skimmed milk fall on the floor. I absolutely loved it!

Loving – my dad. Every time he leaves to go to work I stay behind the door, hoping he will get back soon and cry for ten minutes or so. Sorry mum.

Reading – nothing really. I let this on Mum, she does plenty of it for her Ph.D.

Watching – Toy Story, it was on the TV the other day and got much fascinated with all the colours on the screen.

Planning – a trip to the countryside soon. I have to meet uncle Mikey again and ask him all about the dog life secrets.

Anticipating – mum to come back from her travels. It’s been too long (even though dad says it’s been only two days).

Growing – fast.

Wearing – I am a nude movement supporter.

Wondering – why can I not eat everyday, all day long?

Wandering – through the woods and I feel that the ferns are too tall for me…

Oh, wait! Is this a biscuit? Dad I am right here, I am coming, woof!

P.S: I hope you enjoyed my Jack Russell Diaries. See you soon!


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1 Comment
  • Joanne
    November 27, 2018

    ‘Studying’ I let this to Mum! hahaha
    Oh Cruz!