Jardin Majorelle and the Yves Saint Lauren Memorial in Marrakesh

Jardin Majorelle and the Yves Saint Lauren Memorial in Marrakesh
Being one of the most visited sites in Marrakesh, it was impossible not to pay a visit to the famous Majorelle gardens!

The Majorelle gardens have been named after the French painter who created them and it took him forty years of dedication to finish his marvelous work! It is a colourful paradise in the heart of the Ochre city, full of exotic trees, bougainvilleas and cacti-all sort of them!

Walking through the gardens it’s like walking in a dream of blue and yellow colours…

…with tiny pools filled with water in between the vegetation…

We wandered around the garden for quite a bit before we entering the Berber museum-sadly pictures were not allowed to be taken. There it was some literature & history presented about Yves Saint Laurent and Pierre Berge; when they first visited the gardens, how they fall in love with them and that they did anything was humanly possible to buy them and save them from falling a victim to a real estate project. The new owners vision was to restore the gardens and turn them to the most beautiful garden in Marrakesh-and evidently they did! Yves Saint Laurent said that he found unlimited source of inspiration in the Jardin Majorelle and that he dreamed many times about its unique colours.
However, the Berber museum is not about Yves Saint Laurent, but about the plurality of the Moroccan identity and the Berber Culture. Female and male Berber outfits were displayed but I particularly LOVED the ornaments & jewels exhibition. Here are some pictures from the official webpage, just to give you an idea…all nicely created and with attention painted to every detail…

An expression of tribal identity and of the social status of the woman who wears them, jewels are also a form of savings, available when the economic fortunes of a rural society dictate. They are all made of silver, using three techniques and designs according to particular regions.

On our exit from the museum there is another display of all the cards Yves Saint Laurent designed each year, all of them colourful and full of positive vibes-if only I could have them in my room, I would wake up with a smile every day 🙂

If you would like to do some shopping, there is an independent artists shop just opposite the gardens, with plenty of beautiful ceramins, scarves, soaps and anything else local artists can create. Of course we couldn’t resist a mirror picture…
More about my Moroccan adventures tomorrow…

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