Johnston Gardens in spring

To Johnston Gardens let’s go!

Johnston Gardens is one of my favourite places to visit when the seasons change. Our visit today coincided with some glorious sunshine. We soaked up all the vitamin D while wandering along flower-filled lanes. Pretty sure this is what a photographer’s dream looks like!

Our visit also coincided with prime rhododendron season. From soft salmon pink to hot pink flowers, these gorgeous flowers framing the entrance of the garden, welcome visitors into this green oasis in the centre of Aberdeen.

Johnston gardens in spring

The hedgerows brimmed with vibrant green, the newborn baby ducklings were paddling in the middle of the lake and everything seemed to be in harmony.

Johnston Gardens in spring

Bluebells reached their happy little heads skywards and flocks of delicate cow parsley bobbed gently. Isn’t it amazing what a little bit of sunshine can make?

Johnston Gardens in spring
Johnston Gardens in spring

Although I spent most days getting down to work, I enjoy going on a couple of dog walks in the afternoon and especially when the weather is too glorious to miss.

Johnston Gardens is only a short walk from our flat and on a route I enjoy passing by as there are beautiful houses and a few cafes. I can have a cheeky takeaway coffee to take on my walk and take a few (too many) pictures of the streets and granite buildings.

The best thing about today’s walk (aside from the takeaway coffee, of course!) was when we stumbled upon a sea of soft, delicate wild garlic nestled shyly in the grass by the water.

Seeing as I am slowly getting into foraging and cooking with nettles and other wild green leaves, it was too good to resist and not pick up some to use later in my kitchen. Currently searching for wild garlic recipes and debating whether I should do a soup or a risotto. Or, perhaps another nettle pies?

Any ideas?



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